Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Music
When I am anticipating alot of time in front of the computer I usually make a run to Best Buy for new music! I have to get the wholesale site images loaded tonight and tomorrow (lots of photoshop sizing) so I made a quick run yesterday. I was motivated also in part because the new Alison Krause CD was released yesterday and I new I had to have that. There are some songs previously released (mostly from the Cold Mountain soundtrack which I also have), but I believe there are 5 new ones. This one is worth every penny. I also picked up Robin Thicke (I can't explain his sound - but you will grove to this!) and Paolo Nutini. I picked up Ben Harper's newest from late last year as well, but haven't put it in yet. This is the first time I have bought a round of CD's in a long time where I enjoyed every track.
Maroon 5's new one comes out on the 17th and I am pumped about that! I always say I just like good music, not matter the genre. You can look at my playlist and tell that for sure.
So there's my reviews for now. I'm avoiding photoshop but I must get back at it! I just ran to Cold Stone Creamery for a little double dark chocolate with almonds to get me through the night. So much for the bathing suit this year. Maybe I'll get one of those with the little skirts!
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Anonymous said...

OK..that was so funny! YOu made me laugh out loud. YOu are treating yourself! That is good!
Bathing suits are over rated.
enjoy the ice cream. I"m jealous..I"m sick as a dog and ice cream doesn't even sound good.
Take care! love my kits! Wendy

dhill said...

Ice cream sounds good right about now. I agree with Wendy's comment above that bathing suits are very over-rated. LOL

Seriously, if one is up working late, it does take lots of comfort foods and good music to make the time go by faster, huh?

My playlist consists of Steve Miller Band's greatest hits (recently released on CD), and CCR. Love that stuff!

Sure miss working w/ you guys, but am enjoying our time in KY. ;-)

Take care not to work too hard! And try not to stress too much!



stephaniehowell said...

oh please...i will probably never wear a swimsuit again at this rate.

you are my music twin. i swear. i just want to borrow all of your cds.

Cynthia said...

OMG!!! Jenni I can not believe you said Robin Thicke and no you can not explain his sound!! it sooo hot right now! I just love him! Have you seen the video if not search on you tube! its hot!! I listen to it everyday. I just love your stuff I buy it all when I can!!

stephaniehowell said...

btw, they describe robin thicke as "blue eyed soul"....and he is so hot...seriously.
his cd is amazing..i love "shooter".

and harper totally knows him. when his video comes on, she goes up to the tv and stands up, bobs her head, and pats the screen.

is that bad??

ikuko said...

Jenni, we have Cold Stones here in Japan, too! I am so addicted to it.
And thanks for the info on Maroon5 new album. I love their music, too!

Wendi said...

Bless your heart - you eat all the ice cream you want. Ice cream is good - dairy, calcium. Yep, good for you. Cool beans 'bout Maroon 5. My boys' Happy Feet soundtrack and Kids Bop are getting a bit tired about now. :) Loving my kits - thanks for the inspiration!!!

deborrah said...

LOL!! I know what you mean about nixing the bikini this year, but those little skirt suits are cute!

Have to tell you how much I loved the March kit! I love, love, LOVE your exclusive products, Jenni. They are elegant, fresh and funky, all at the same time. The day you decide to add a design team to your site, I'll be first in line with my submissions! I love your products and promote them on my blog and at my favorite scrapbook sites. Keep it up, girl!

Tamara Nicole said...

I have had Robin Thicke in my cd player forever, LOVE it!!! Good music taste:-)