Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a long one. . .

but it should be after almost 2 weeks, right?

We had a great time at Disney. It was not a planned vacation really. Just decided to go a couple of weeks earlier. I HAD to get away and spend some time with the boys one on one. From a business perspective I had no business doing this right now. From the "mom" perspective, I couldn't not. They have been so neglected - by both of us really. So, I spent 6 days taking Dramine and walking until my feet and legs ached (with a half million other people always on your trail)! It was crowded, but it was honestly manageable. I bought these shirts at Target for them the day we left in preparation for the Magic Kingdom:

We headed right for Pirates of the Caribbean when we got there to see Jack Sparrow. I can't believe how realistic it was -so amazing. The boys rode everything they were able to ride. Christian got on Space Mountain (barely made it in) and put his hands up right away - I couldn't believe it. Here we are afterwards:

This was his expression the entire trip -every picture.

After this, they were ready to tackle Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (our favorite Disney park)! They just opened this last year and it is very, very cool. An amazing end- but I will leave that surprise to those who will be going soon! Christian rode it 4 times, Noah 6. He even stood in line and rode by himself one of those times. He is officially hooked on Roller Coasters. He did his first "upside down" one at MGM Studios with the Rock and Roller Coaster. And he rode Tower of Terror twice. Unbelievable for the kid who yelled "go bye bye" everyday we entered the parks on his first trip 5 years ago!

For those who stuck it through my boring vacation play-by-play, here is a little preview. A little birdie told me JBS is introducing felt shapes and these are the 3 you will be getting in the March Kit! Ready for stiching and sequins (or whatever else the creative mind will come up with for embellishment)!

(for my stores reading this, you be getting the information on the felt, rub-ons and scalloped notecards in the next week to 10 days. If you still have not signed up for wholesale information please do so using the "retailer" link at the website. We will be launching the wholesale site in about a week)!
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Alicia said...

This was so worth the wait! I am glad that you got to spend time with your boys. Sometimes you just have to say "STOP!", and let everything else take a backseat to what is really important. And...if you haven't noticed, everyone is still here waiting for you! I am really excited to see the rest of the kit, now that you have posted those adorable little birdies.

Have a great day! (And welcome back!)


Anilu Magloire said...

OMG!!! Just the perfect thing to feed my bird addiction. Love them. I can't wait to see the full kit.
So glad you guys had fun at WDW.

TracieClaiborne said...

I cannot WAIT to get those little birds!!!

I love the expression on Christian's face! Too cute!

Anonymous said...


Your Disney trip sounds so much fun and so much needed. I love hearing about it. FUN FUN stuff.
Those birdies are so cute. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the kit. Keep up the good work.
PS-Are you going to make an appearance at the CKC in Nashville? Or will you be in the LSS there...hope so. Would love to meet you again.

*~*Amber*~* said...


Robyn said...

Disney is the BEST place ever! I truly love the boys faces in the pics...a magic place, truly!

BIRDS, I was into birds before since I was little, actually wanted to be an ornithologist but my dad said there would be math involved or something...LOL Jenni, I can't wait for those 'tweet lil' birds!

Kim said...

Glad you had such a great time at Disney. I only live about and hour and a half from there and we go often, We love all the parks. The rock and roller coaster is my favorite. Love these felt are amazing.

dede warren said...

sounds like good times at disney world, good for you guys. gotta love these kids who stick it out while we make some of our own dreams come true!

i am also thrilled witht h new stuff i am seeing in my LSS, scrapbook oasis. thanks for making all this good stuff available!

Rachel Saunders said...

I think it was great you spent time with your boys...deadlines will come and go but time missed with your children just goes! I love your range and the birds are gorgeous!!

Wendi said...

Good for you on your trip with your family. That's just where you belonged. :) Can't wait for March and April and May and .......
Welcome back!

stephaniehowell said...

y'all are so cute i can hardly stand it!
welcome home!!

Ki Kruk said...

Those are adorable! Can't wait to see the whole kit

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you had some time out with your family. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.
OMG!! Love the birds. Love that they are felt. So so so so good!
I am really happy that I signed up so that I never miss out.
I totally love your creativity to bits.
You do what you do so wonderfully well. I am completely itching to get my kit - coz I know it will be amazing (as always!!)
Love Kel XXX

Barb said...

Sounds like a super fun vacation!
Love those little felt birds. Can't wait to see more felt.

rebecca lucille said...

I love Christian's expression! don't you wish you could have something in your life that made you that excited and happy that it would put that joy in your heart!!

rebecca lucille said...

I LOVE Christian's expression! Don't you wish as adults we could find something that would make us that giddy with happiness? Ha!

traci said...

looks like you had a wonderful vacation. good for you!!! the little birds are adorable!

Jenn from MA said...

Love, love, love it! Love the story of your vacation and how it was so nourishing for the soul. Loved the can you not love little felt birds? As always...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me teary eyed! I also work too much and love to spend quality time with kids. It sounds like it was just the right thing for you to do!!! I can't wait to tell my LSS about you launching product for retailers!