Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Past Kits For Sale Here!!!!
If you found the site later than sooner or just wanted to grab an extra of your favorite kit, I have some available for different months. My plan was to have this up at the site long ago, but plans don't work out always and I'm tired of waiting. So. . .
I will list below the different months that are available. If you go to the site (link to the right) and click on Monthly Inspiration you will see the archives for the past month's listed. You can view the contents here to get a good idea of what you will get. The Project Kits are shown as the last gallery on the bottom right of the page. Use the contact link at the site to send an e-mail with your order. Please include exactly what you would like in the e-mail and include your shipping address. Ruth will send you out a Paypal invoice (you can still pay by credit card this way without setting up an account though). So here are the "rules" (for lack of a better term):
1. - we are only accepting Paypal payments for these (as I mentioned, you can use your credit card to pay the invoice though). Ruth will send an invoice to you that includes actual shipping.
2. - we cannot hold these kits to ship with your October kit(s). These must be packed and shipped separately before the 1st.
3.- we will ship out your order within 1 -2 business days after receiving payment.
4. first come, first serve. I will post here if/when something sells out.
Okay- so here are the kits available:
- June 2006 Papercrafting Kit -$28.00 (reduced rate - this was the one with the exclusive JBS rubber stamp)!
- July 2006 Papercrafting Kit - $28.00 (reduced rate)
- March 2006 Project Kit - $16 (house accordion book)
- April 2006 Project Kit - $16 (star coasters)
July 2006 Project Kit - $18 (seashell book- previously sold out, I ordered a few more)
Many of you have e-mailed us over the past month about this. Sorry for the delay.
I have some exciting news to share about the future in the next couple of days. . .!
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Anonymous said...

I know it's probably a little early, but any juicy hints on next month's kit?? :)

rhonda said...

I am so excited that you are coming to the Scrap Etc. event next year. I can't wait!!!!!

rhonda said...

I am so excited that you are coming to the Scrap Etc. event next year. I can't wait!!!!!

Jenn from MA said...

So fun. What a great idea! Hmmm, do I have any extra space for another USPS box prior to October 1st?!

Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

I would like to purchase: (2)
April 2006 Project Kits(coasters)..
Thanks So Much!!!!
I can pick it up or you can send with my October Kit(s).

Shelly Waugh said...

I can't wait to hear the news!!!

Cathy R said...

Would I be able to see the photos of those kits?

Anonymous said...


I'm interested in the projects (star, coaster and house) ... how can I purchase them?

Pam Jones

~Krystyn~ said...

Where can I find pictures of the past kits? I only see the September kit on your website. *thanks*

Juel said...

Are there any July kits left?

Mindy said...

Do you have any of these kits still available? If so, can I see pictures of the ones you still have (the papercrafting ones, not the project kits).