Friday, May 12, 2006

Hanging on by a thread

Do you remember this? This was my beautiful new welcome sign that I purchased about the time we launched the site. I called my husband at work this morning (after having a major breakdown yesterday) and told him that my sign was a metaphor for my "web" life.

Here is the story. About two month's ago Jared walked past it and ripped the "e" almost off (bull in a china shop- that's him). I tried to fix it by adding a popsicle stick to the back with glue dots for support. This lasted about another month until it worked its way completely off. Then, a few days ago, Christian pulled the center of the ribbon off of the hook and brought it down to where it is hanging now. This is about how I have felt the last few days. (I'm making it sound worse than it is - we actually got a good laugh out of it).

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are working on the new site and have so many changes in store that will make my life and yours easier. This was supposed to have been done for this month, but it didn't make it. Instead, our new webteam (and Jared and I) have had the challenge of fixing the mess that our former webguy left us in the database. The truth of the matter is that we managed to bill and ship 90% of our customer base correctly, on time, and with no further issue. But I don't like having a 10% (and those of you who are a part of it woud rather not be in it either!) I'm learning to cope with this better each day - mostly because it is impossible for me to be responsible for every detail.

Case in point - the Inspiration Gallery. I knew it would be delayed slightly, but was told it would be up tonight. It still is not up though. I am going to investigate this tomorrow and will post most images here directly if it is still not going to be up. I will let you know. . .

I also have to let you in on a fun "secret" I did last week - I just got the picture yesterday so now I'm ready to post about it ( I will do it this weekend - you know how I like to tell you I "know" something and then leave you hanging)!

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AGW said...

I'm usually a lurker, but I just wanted to say thanks for the laugh! After having my own breakdown w/work today, I can empathize with your poor, little sign! LOL!

Thanks, Jenni, for all of the hard work, the attention to those little details, the great customer service, and, of course, the awesome kits! If the calibur of changes you guys are working on for the site are remotely close to what you been able to do so far, then it'll be well worth the wait! :)

Katy said...

You have great customer service and I know if there are any problems at all you will work to fix them.

"hang in there".. it will get better.

laura vegas said...

jenni ... hope both you and your sign both can hang it there! lol! i know how hard you're working on all this web stuff to get it right for all of us! it'll all come together ... better a little late than never!

vegasandvenice said...

Oh no ... a secret I will hardly be able to wait! You are brilliant wonderful and fantastic even if the website is not treating you with the respect you deserve!!

Please continue on with the knowledge that you are terrific at what you do!!

Cheryl said...

Seeing your welcome sign gave me a big laugh today. And let me tell you, I really needed a laugh! My day was so bad, I didn't even go in to work.
Hang in there because you have been doing such a great job with all the tech difficulties you've been having. Your kits are awesome and your customer service is number one!!!

Anonymous said...

I have told you via e-mail before how bad work has been for me lately and what a great treat, stress-reliever, happy moment, etc, your kits bring me!! KEEP UP THE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULY WORK. I get and understand your frustration (because I would be that way too!), BUT, you have always responded to e-mails, communicated well through your blog with what is going on, and I think your customer service (and genuine caring for us) is the BEST!!! (I also don't think I am alone in these thoughts based on what I read on your blog). You are doing GREAT!!! Like I said, your kits have been a great pick-me-up for myself, so I am hoping this little message at least brings you a smile!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your product and your dedication to its quality as well as to your customers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad to hear I am not the only one that feels that way sometimes LOL!

I'm excited to see what you have been working on. It'll be totally worth the wait :)

chris said...

hang in there! I just got my kit. my first one because i could never make it to midnight. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.


Falyn said...


Can I just say I started busted up laughing when I read this post?!?!?! (not about the sign but about the story.)

I have the same exact sign, it use to hang in my kitchen. Well about 2 months ago my husband opened the door to our back porch and the sign caught on his arms as he stormed by, and it broke in the SAME EXACT place. I was so upset. I haven't tried to fix it yet. LOL, how ironic. :)


nancy_scraps said...

Got my kits today!!!

LOVE THEM. The dotted bookplates and fabric flowers and chipboard shapes are yummy!!!

Sorry the business is causing you pain, but I hope you know that your kits are AWESOME, and we appreciate the work you have done to get such cool stuff into our hands.