Saturday, March 11, 2006

Took a little break from my computer and the warehouse today (and that would be my house - it is looking much more like a storage unit these days). Hubby went hiking with Noah. He called me on his way out and told me to go shopping with a generous budget for the day. Told him I would never spend that in one day - Ha! I underestimated myself. Funny how shopping for two boys and yourself eats away your budget very quickly! Nonetheless, little man (who was bribed with a few new gifts) did very well at the mall and we had a relaxing day (topped off with Pot Roast and Chocolate Cream Pie from Vittles for dinner).
Just took a look at some cool blogs tonight that I have been missing! My girl Kelli Crowe had an awesome post today about "sheltering" - I will let you go and read it. Very inspiring to me. I drive my 7 year old to school everyday (and at 7:00a.m. at that) just to keep him off the school bus for now. I know I'm not saving him from much, but I feel like its something. We probably make alot of these decisions based on our own past experiences - and man, from what I remember, NOTHING good happened on the bus!
Also checked in on Ali. Boy this girl inspires me - to get me act together! How she does all that she does on a daily basis is beyond me. Sometimes I sit, rocking in the corner sucking my thumb wasting hours because I don't know where to start. I do not manage my time well and so want to figure that one out.
And I 'm so glad to see that Chris is taking his first step towards his goal. I watched Jared make a career change this year, and it has been such a good thing for him. I have just been so proud of him lately - for the success he is having with his day job and for coming home and working at the computer, still in dress slacks, for two hours helping me.
And - it was 70 degrees today. Today was a good day.
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sarah green said...

7.00am... man you must live far away from school or do they start earlier than the ones here in NZ?????

chanel said...

Hi Jenni,
I got my feb kit last week ... thanks so much for your patience and saving me one. Glad we got it sorted in the end as i am totally in love with my package that arrived, I can't stop scrappin. I have posted a few pics on my blog so you can see (unfortunately my camera is not very sharp) but you'll get the idea - the combination of products was great. Looking forward to my March order arriving - I'm hooked! luv Chanel

laura vegas said...

glad to hear you took a break from everything! i'm just little ole' me who teaches classes at the lss ... and i know how overwhelmed i get with just that! i can't imagine how you gals do it with all the awesome things you have going on. and i get the same way ... i just sit there staring at the walls in my scrapbook room because i don't know where to start first. if you figure out how to fit it all in ... let me know!

fay said...

i got home tonight at 11 pm to find my box from jenni. what an awesome kit. i had gone with my sister to see don williams who is a country singer who i could not remember. she did not have anyone to go with her. i am so glad a went special guest stars were the platters and keith urban. It is late so i will have to wait till tommorrow to look at all of my goodies. fay

Kim Bolyard said...

Saturday was good day for me too.
These are the days that make it all worth it. family time at the beach and it was 80 degrees here in Florida. I guess that is why I live here. I love reading your post and thanks for links to the other blogs. I love reading up on others and especially ones that inpsire me each day (like you).

Nichol said...

sounds like a wonderful day, jenni, good for you! I so need to work on the time management thing.
I also drive brenden to school, because I remember that NOTHING good happened on the bus too.

StaceyKingman said...

I am so with you on the bus thing...I learned a LOT on the bus that still breaks my heart.

Amanda said...

Glad I got to see you today at Scrap It! I got lots of cool stuff and early this morning, Randy said, "remind me to bring up a package from the mail man later!" My response, "go get it right now please!!" It was my March kit! Yippee. Off to go work on them now.

Jana said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean about the whole time management thing....if you get it figured out will you please share your secret with me??!! I missed out on getting your March kit so if you end up with one lying around extra, I'd love to buy it!

Jen Otto said...

Know all about the time management issue...and as for the bus...I've already decided when Jake starts K next year, he won't be on the bus. No way, no how!

Beth said...


I COMPLETELY agree about the bus issue. My boys - the 8 and 11 y/o boys - just began taking the bus in January after much begging, and I must tell you that keeping your young one OFF of the bus is exactly what you should do. My boys will likely stop taking the bus in April. It is just one small step in keeping them, as Kelli put it, "sheltered".
More power to you!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

i said the same thing to Kelli- i learned too much on the bus. wouldn't ever let my kids ride on one to pub. school. : )Good for you Jenni! I know getting up earlier some days is just not fun. But he is getting more influence from you instead of others in that one act every day.
Time management- I hear ya! lol

Sherri said...

oh no, you are making me feel guilty...i caved on the bus thing...cody didn't ride the bus until 3rd grade, but i hated having to take get all 4 of them up that early in the morning (we leave at 6:45) and i didn't think it was fair to the younger 2 to have to wake up so at 6:19 the bus comes. ay yi yi
lucky you to go shopping, and vittles...i have been there once, shall i rat you out on where i saw you on friday night? LOL

Lara White said...

I appreciate this perspective on the bus issue. Henry goes to private school so I don't have a choice whether to drive him, and sometimes I grumble about driving ONE HUNDRED MILES PER DAY going back and forth. I've thought, "Man, it would be so nice to meet a school bus on the corner..."

Thanks for reminding me that my precious little one is so worth the time.

p.s. I got my March kit yesterday! I kept squealing, "Jenni!!! Oh...Jenni, wow!!!" You have such an amazing way of putting things together, not to mention an eye for fabulous elements. I will continue to subscribe as long as you offer the kits!

rhonda said... march kit arrived yesterday...AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME stuff!!!

my kids DO NOT ride the bus (aka cheesewagon) unless it is a LAST RESORT!...Those morning rides in the car...and the excitement when they are picked up in the such a rewarding time! There is toooo much stuff that goes on when riding the school bus with 1 adult at the front...and 30 rows for things to happen unsupervised.

Anonymous said...

All of you who received your kits are so lucky! I could not believe it when our mailman did not have a package for me yesterday! I will be patiently (yeah right!) waiting to see if it arrives today!

Kimber-Leigh D. said...

Today, I heard a knock on the door followed by the wonderful sound of a box hitting the patio! So excited--had to be my March kit. Bigger box than expected. Thinking to myself, this is SOME kit. Jenni really outdid herself :) So sad...addressed to my NEIGHBOR. Bummer. No package today. Patiently (okay, really anxiously) waiting.
Will be worth the wait from all I'm hearing!

kellicrowe said...

i am scrapbooking wiht my march kit right
and it is so awesome
you have such a great eye!

Anonymous said...

ARGHHHH! I am so jealous! My kits still haven't arrived! I was so sad yesterday (good thing school was cancelled yesterday due to snow, my children had to comfort me as our mail carrier showed up without a box!). I have my fingers crossed for today...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni, I just wanted to know how you do it all. I am a big fan of yours and I have taken your classes and am now a subscriber to your monthly club, but I struggle with time management as well. I own my own photography studio, and have for the past two and a half years and it is doing very. I find myself losing my patients with my family just because I am sometimes so consumed by work, and all of the things that I need to do, or all of the orders sitting on my desk that need to be done. Or the constant growing mountain of laundry that never ends. Sometimes I just want to give it all up and just be the stay-at-home-mom that I used to be. I think owning/running one's own business changes a person. I know that it has changed me.
Also, because I don't have enough time, (or don't manage it very well) I feel like I don't have enough time to look over homework everynight, and read a bed-time story not to mention take my son to school, so that he doesn't have to ride the bus!!! How do you find time for everything that you do? Thanks for all your inspiration scraping and otherwise!!

hydee ann said...

i understand all about the "sucking your thumb in the corner and don't know where to start" syndrome. so let me introduce you to another fabulous lady who can help. if you truly want to get organized and know where start and what to do when, go see Flylady. she's at and will be just the help you need. she is a godsend!
ps - your site is darling and inspirational. love all the gorgeous photos.

Maggie said...

Hi Jenni:
Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and start with the hardest thing and get it out of the way.
I take little breaks in between and repeat to myself
make it happen today!
Usually I don't get everything done but I did get the most difficult one's done so I do get to feel better.

I have a challenge on my blog currently about making a difference
Please take a look and spread the word, to affect others in your daily life.

You already do from
the post on here.
Have a great weekend