Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kit Buyers - here is your "easy" button!!
I think about now, some of you are really looking for one! I think I have a solution for you. If you are having problems purchasing the February kits, please see below:
I think we have come up with a temporary solution for those of you having trouble ordering through the website. Just follow the directions below, and we will send you an invoice through PayPal (so that you may pay with your credit card or account transfer). Just pay the invoice by the 5th and you will be all set.

Please send the following information to

1. Full Name
2. E-Mail Address to send invoice
3. Shipping Address
4. What you would like to order (the Papercrafting Kit, the Project Kit, or both)
I am trying to get through all of the e-mails sitting in my in-box upon my return last night. If you sent me one, please know that I am working through them and will get back to you no later than tomorrow.
I appreciate everyone's patience with this! We have learned alot, and unfortunately these type of things always seem to happen with a new start-up. We have a meeting with our web designer tomorrow about the details for the new shopping cart for March. The biggest problem people are having is with the pop-ups at checkout. If you are not seeing anything add to a cart (or seeing a cart at all) it is mostly likely due to this. I don't want this to be stressful to anybody, so please just follow the directions above if you have any problems at all with the site.
Also, we are not sold out of either kit yet! A few of you have sent me notes about this. On the page where the actual photos of the Papercrafting kit are, you must scroll down past the entire list of what is included in the kit to see the buttons where you add the kit to your cart.
And, if you want to purchase a subscription AND this months Project kit, see my last post (or just follow the directions above).
I'm off to get back to the e-mails, but I will post again soon about the upcoming Gallery (which will go live on the 10th) and some more fun info. about CHA!!!
Thanks again to everyone for being so kind and patient!

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Shawn Wenrich said...

Just wanted to let you know that disabling my AOL pop up blocker worked. I'm set to go and can't wait to get my kit. I'm so glad I was reading the message board on 2peas tonight and heard about your new kits. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Sonya said...

Thank you for posting this! Your kit looks fabulous and I'm sure everything will work out (it always does). I can't wait to get it! :)

gauchogirl said...

I had the pop-up prob too, but in my case holding the Ctrl key while clicking the link solved it - ia allows the popups. This might help some. Took me two orders to get it right, but think I finally got everything I wanted. No worries, Jenni, we all know that stuff like this happens with new sites and we're quite sure the temporary hassles will be worth it when we get the fantastic stuff you've put together for us!