Friday, January 27, 2006

This is the part where I say . . .
making a guess (and thats really what it was, I won't even say it was educated!) as to how many kits to prepare for was really tough, and it appears, very much under-estimated. I re-ordered 3 times based on the response we were getting to the newsletter sign up - all up until the last possible minute that I could. (And I must say, I worked with some great vendors who really helped me to sort through everything). So my reason for saying this is 2 fold . . .
*we are really sorry if anyone wanting these kits is unable to purchase one
*the good news is we will be able to meet the demand in March
*sorry I said we "are confident we can meet the demand". I could not have anticipated the sign ups we have had in the past week.
*remember to consider signing up as a member as this will guarantee you a kit each month (see the website for the terms)
*March is going to be a really cool theme. I just bought an outfit to match the color scheme (sick and twisted I know)
Okay, so that was "5" fold, but I never know when to stop.
And by the way, have you learned yet that when I say "more tomorrow" that really means the day after?
And, speaking of March, here is a tiny little preview to get your creative juices flowing . . .

More tomorrow! . . . (pretend you see me smiling because I don't know how to insert the little smile guy here)!

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Sue S. said...

Due to budget constraints, I'm not able to commit to the monthly kit right now. But I am hoping to be able to purchase the Feb. project kit. Am I correct that I should just try to order that directly from the website on Feb. 1st?

Beth said...

oh i am so looking forward to this kit ! Love that you are doing this !!! Can't wait to get started !

Rachel Ludwig said...

serves me right for not signing up. haha!

CONGRATS on this being so successful!! I am in love with the first kit you put together, and super excited to see what else you have in store :)

Anonymous said...


LOL! That you would be suprised that so many people want to learn from and be inspired by you. Congrats on the success of it!

Jen Gallacher :)

Carrie said...

Love that sneak peek!

Anonymous said...


Your kits are just gorgeous! There are many of us who are huge fans of you here in Australia, and I am wondering if you would consider overseas postage of your wonderful kits? They are just devine, and I can't stand the thought of missing out.

Please email me at

Sally Mitchell