Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Repurposing: Vintage Thread Cones

Have you seen the vintage thread cones new to our Flea Market?

These cones were used in factories to wind thread around. They can be repurposed today using supplies you already have in your stash into decorated cones or tussie mussies. A wire, string, or ribbon is attached to the wide part of the cone so the tussie mussie can be hung on display.  The cone can be filled with flowers, candy, or small gifts.

Jenni created these tussie mussies for Easter one year, decorating a thread cone with patterned paper and sheet music and further embellishing with labels and German foil rabbits.  Aren't these a wonderful vintage spin on the usual Easter basket?

With Valentine's Day also just around the corner, the thread cones would look beautiful dressed up in pink, red, and white.  We found these pieces of inspiration from two of our creative friends:

{from Briana Johnson}

{from Keisha Campbell}

Want to create your own lovely tussie mussies? You can find the thread cones to repurpose right here in our Flea Market!

- betsy
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1 comment:

hobbemom said...

I made the Easter ones. Love them. They are a neat part of my Easter decorations!