Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The New JBS Mercantile Crafted Kit!!

EDITED - Hey guys!  Wanted to answer some questions that we got here and through our email.

You are reserving the May Kit when you go here and click on "Reserve".  It is not clear - my apologies, but this was a quick way (without having to spend $100+ on website development) to get you in the system ready to start a membership with May.  It does look like it is saying that the May kit is sold out, but technically April is and it is saying that you are reserving May.  If you choose to do this, please understand that you are beginning a membership and you will be automatically billed from your account beginning with the May kit.  This will continue each month on the 6th until/if you choose to cancel.  More questions?  Feel free to email us at jennibowlin@gmail.com.

So if you get our newsletters you have already seen our tease on our new kit - arriving on shelves May 1st!  You can pre-order this kit to start as a membership NOW beginning with the May kit.  You can do that here by clicking on the reserve button.  This kit will stay within a monthly billing range of $20 - $35.  You can still purchase this kit one month at a time if you like, while supplies last.  If you have any questions on how a membership works to either of our kits, you can read all about that here!

While this kit will continue to be heavily paper-oriented at first, it will evolve to include general crafts and mediums such as fabric and sewing, clay, jewelry making and more.  This is meant to be a kit that gets us off the boards at Pinterest and making!  Finished projects will be items that you can display, use for storage, wear and frame and many will involve vintage components.  Many projects will still involve the use of photos but will not be exclusive to that.  While I will be designing many of these kits month-to-month, I will also be bringing in talented gals from the Design team to design as well.  We are excited to take a journey into something new and push our creative boundaries - We hope you are as well!

(If you have a current membership to the *Mini Album Kit, you should have received a personal email from us by now as the Crafted Kit is replacing the Mini Album Kit.  If not, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at jennibowlin@gmail.com)

*This has no effect on our Papercrafting Kit (memberships or otherwise) and subsequent Add-Ons. 

And here's a little peek at our first installment of the Crafted Kit - a bright and vibrant pinwheel set!  Perfect for all of your spring and summer events.  Comes with full color instructions or use the components to create them just the way you like!

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LindaSonia said...

So I just got this today in my blog reader and went to start a subscription and see that the pre-order for the May 2014 kit and the membership is already sold out.

So does this mean I will miss out of the May Kit and my membership will start in June? I knew I wanted the May kit but what if I don't like the June kit??