Friday, May 17, 2013

New Blog Look!!

Thank you Betsy for giving me a new, clean look!  I will be adding all of my show destinations for the year along the sidebar this weekend, so take a peek soon - I may be coming to your neck of the woods!
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Rebecca Carl said...

Please come to GiGi's Scrapbooking in Foley, AL...close to the beach!! Would love to take some of your classes!

<3 Becky Carl

hobbemom said...

Hope to see you in Knoxville. Call the City Chicks, they would love to have you!! Your blog looks great!

Trina said...

just lovely, Jenni!

Mary said...

I had to laugh, I just purchased season 1 and 2. I've already watched season 1. I leave for Australia the 19th of June... I fear I will be watching re-runs cause I can't wait to see what's next. Itoo am hooked.