Friday, March 29, 2013

Back to the 80's. . .

You could either blame it on my childhood in the 80's or on being next to Heidi at the CHA show, but either way I have suddenly become fascinated again with neon.  I was also next to Barbara with Art Institute Glitter (you WILL be seeing this glitter start showing up again in the kits) at CHA.  She looked at me quite funny when I picked out these colors at show end from her booth.  It was a stark contrast to our booth for sure, but yet I see something here. . . bright neon touches against a simple vintage background with black/white photos.  Do you see it. . . .??
Have a wonderful Easter holiday weekend!  My big brother is coming to see me - all by himself - and we are so excited to spend the weekend with him. 
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Kim L int ATL said...

Happy Easter!!! pls tell Mark I said hello.. Kim Linton.

Jill said...

The neon fascination? Same here!