Sunday, May 27, 2012

Settle in, it's a long one!

Wow!  I have had a crazy two weeks.  While I last posted that Christian was doing better, we still ended up having an additional couple of hard days dealing with his anxiety which caused him to continue to not eat and throw up at times.  It has been one of the worst experiences of my life, particularly watching him suffer from something that wasn't being caused by any true physical condition anymore.  Finally on Thursday we had our first "normal" day and night and all has been well since, although I am having trouble getting him back to the reality that he will not get everything he asks for anymore nor will be eat pizza every night!  Noah's birthday is tomorrow so it is nice timing for some focus to be on him since this has all definitely taken a toll on him as well.  He wanted to see Men In Black 3 so we did that last night and loved it.  Good thing I'm not really into sappy movies because I never getting to see them with a house full of boys!

So we are off to Texas this week!  Headed to Arlington for the Great American Scrapbook Convention.  I am not teaching this year but will be doing a Make-And-Take in the booth each day from 11:00 - 1:00.  It is this adorable mini book where we will be playing with German Glass Glitter and my new Fiskars Punches with a little stamping thrown in . . .

Cost for the Make-And-Take is $10 and if you are attending, you can sign up ahead of time for your 30 minute time period in the booth.  We will also have the kits available which come with full color instructions.

We have doubled our booth space this year so that means more room for some really great JBS deals, kits and vintage supplies and decor!  Here's a little preview of what has been on my table waiting to be priced. . .

I have also been busy making some charms out of some of my favorite vintage finds.  I have not offered these before, so we shall see!  You will be able to purchase the charms separately from several available chains (that way you can choose the chain you like or just add the charm to one you already have).

I have such a HUGE collection of supplies right now in my studio so it was about time that I tried to put them to good use.  This is what I did on the nights CJ was sick - I just couldn't sleep.

We are also gearing up for a big sale on some classic JBS products on the website as well as some really cool vintage additions to the flea market for the first (look for several new antique and vintage drawers in all shapes and sizes for your studio storage)!

More on that as we get closer.  Have a great holiday weekend!!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An eventful couple of days. . .

So what we thought to be just a simple stomach virus was a rather ugly one that just wouldn't go away.

After five days of vomiting and nothing to eat and not much to drink, we ended up at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital on Thursday morning.  CJ was so exhausted that he didn't even care that I snapped his picture.

And as we just expected that he would get some fluids, feel better and go home - that wasn't to be the case either.  Bloodwork led to an ultrasound which then led to a CT Scan which eventually led to an overnight stay.  There was some inflammation on his small intestine which could have been many things, which have been discussed, but for now, the GI doctors believe it is an unusual virus that seems to have these characteristics.  We will have to do some bloodwork in a month to be sure, but for now all is well.

I went home on Thursday night to stay with Noah.  When I came back on Friday morning, he was in the playroom playing Foosball with his Daddy (lost that photo for some reason).  This was a great sign!  He had held down his breakfast and was already asking about Subway for lunch (although he is still very tentative when he eats.  High anxiety after such an ordeal)!  We brought him home yesterday afternoon.

It is such a sense of helplessness when your child is sick.  Thank goodness Jared is able to keep his cool and not get carried away - I on the other hand go to all of the bad places, and fast.  It is so comforting to have a partner who has it together when you feel out of control.

Hope to get back to normal a bit tomorrow.  There is so much to do in preparation for Texas GASC!  I have alot of fun things planned - we have doubled our booth size from last year.  We are also doing a make-and-take for the first time (not teaching this year).  I stayed up last night to do it and I LOVE it - will have to offer it on the website as well.  More info. on how all of that will work later this week.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

(Hey Holly- saw your MegaMeet post!  Would you mind emailing us at and we will get you the addy to mail the list back to.  Thanks so much for your post)!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

A great collection of really cool stuff!!!!

Tomorrow is the 15th and that means new selections in the Flea Market!

For the next few month's I will be listing some of my favorite mourning pins from the late 1800's/early 1900's.  Love this beautiful little girl . . .

These sweet Colonial lined notebooks. . .

Another awesome old doctor's bag.  This one is in excellent condition and is a longer, skinner shape with two pockets inside.  This would be lovely sitting open in your studio, holding vintage papers. . .  

Found these at the flea market a few month's ago - not sure what they are exactly - some type of religious pins.  They have a wonderful patina.  Could see these crowning one of our cigar boxes.

These are amazing!  They are paperback books on dressmaking from the 1930's.  Each issue covers a different type of clothing (i.e. house dresses, aprons, etc.).  The graphics are wonderful . . .

I've been on the hunt for more child's sewing machines - picked this one for it's color.  The thread spool is as found.  A bit of rust, but that's just the history! . . .

I also decided to start listing a few of my old yearbooks.  You will have hours of fun turning these pages - I try to only stick to pre-1940 books - they have the best photos.  This one is no exception . . .

This of course is just a sampling.  Everything will be live tomorrow at 10:00a.m. central time.

We returned home from Mega Meet yesterday afternoon to a very sick little boy.  Spent much of the night watching Star Wars and on the phone with the doctor.  Took him in today and it appears that it is just a nasty virus.  He has had it for more than 48 hours now and can't keep anything down.  He is such a sad little boy - it is just breaking my heart.  Hoping that by morning he will feel like eating something.  Right now I'm only managing to get some Sprite down him, just to see it all come back up a couple hours later.  Just glad we got home when we did.  I have promised him a trip to Red Robin for the biggest milk shake ever when he's feeling better.  Looking forward to that!

Oh - we are putting up 2 additional sold out Project Kits and Antiquarian Kits for May (came available after billing).  There is also only 1 Artisian Kit still available as well.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mega Meet, here we come!

This is our busiest month of the year - we are in one week, then out the other.

This week we are headed to Novi, MI to Mega Meet for the second year.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone we met last year.  This is a busy, busy show!

We will have some amazing deals in our booth - .50, $1 and $2 items - deals only available once a year.  And . . . I'm bringing even more vintage items with me than last year plus these little books I've been making for our fairs and shows using old Reader's and our JBS Circle Chipboard Books.  Loved this one so much, I decided I needed to keep it!

I have been working the past two months on a new monthly class, based on my Re-Purpose class over at Big Picture.  I want it to be perfect and am still working on the outlines, but I'm so excited to begin sharing the details with you soon.  I have been trying to find my creative way - wanting to pour myself into something that involves everything I love.  I'm hoping to launch it officially by the end of the summer.  Stay tuned!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

From one event to the next. . .

That is my life for the next few weeks. . . busy, busy, busy!! 

I will do another post later this week about Mega Meet in MI (working on some fun things for our booth and an update on classes there), but I wanted to let you know that I will be at Scrappy Chic in Livonia next Tuesday May 8th, teaching my Chalkboard Easel Accordion Album Class (which is not offered at Mega Meet).  There are a few spots left if you would like to join us!  I love that this album is instantly on display.  So many times we create things and noone gets to see them.  And . . . we will be learning to make the stitched felt flowers and my new favorite - paper feathers!

I love this store and I love Chris - can't wait to see her new expanded place!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Here are the photos . . .

So here are the kit photos I promised last night . . . love what the Design Team has created with this one!!! . . .

Briana rocked this month's exclusive stamp below. . .

This picture is so funny - I'm sure it drove this entire layout by Megan (such great use of color)!!. . .

(Awesome use of the Antiquarian Kit by Jill below - I LOVE clustering items like this.  This may be my all time favorite layout of her's)!!. . .

Here's an overall photo of the Papercrafting Kit (been saving these vintage tissue butter wrappers for an early summer kit - you will LOVE these) . . .

An overall photo of the Antiquarian Kit (my favorite item here is the old floral tobacco silk - something you just have to see in person). . .

And the very fun and colorful Artisian Kit - love the Heidi Swapp photo kit . . .

And Shimelle designed this month's Project Kit - an adorable travel journal which includes. . .

a custom screen print . . .

Also new in the Flea Market for this month you will find new treasures, including these extra large, frame-able vintage Dick and Jane flashcards.  I have been hoarding this set for 3 years and decided it was time to let go.  I have yet to see another one in all of my treasure hunting.  Take a peek now for best selection! 

Happy Tuesday!  I am off to go shopping with my mother who is visiting from MD.  It's what we do best!
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