Sunday, May 20, 2012

An eventful couple of days. . .

So what we thought to be just a simple stomach virus was a rather ugly one that just wouldn't go away.

After five days of vomiting and nothing to eat and not much to drink, we ended up at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital on Thursday morning.  CJ was so exhausted that he didn't even care that I snapped his picture.

And as we just expected that he would get some fluids, feel better and go home - that wasn't to be the case either.  Bloodwork led to an ultrasound which then led to a CT Scan which eventually led to an overnight stay.  There was some inflammation on his small intestine which could have been many things, which have been discussed, but for now, the GI doctors believe it is an unusual virus that seems to have these characteristics.  We will have to do some bloodwork in a month to be sure, but for now all is well.

I went home on Thursday night to stay with Noah.  When I came back on Friday morning, he was in the playroom playing Foosball with his Daddy (lost that photo for some reason).  This was a great sign!  He had held down his breakfast and was already asking about Subway for lunch (although he is still very tentative when he eats.  High anxiety after such an ordeal)!  We brought him home yesterday afternoon.

It is such a sense of helplessness when your child is sick.  Thank goodness Jared is able to keep his cool and not get carried away - I on the other hand go to all of the bad places, and fast.  It is so comforting to have a partner who has it together when you feel out of control.

Hope to get back to normal a bit tomorrow.  There is so much to do in preparation for Texas GASC!  I have alot of fun things planned - we have doubled our booth size from last year.  We are also doing a make-and-take for the first time (not teaching this year).  I stayed up last night to do it and I LOVE it - will have to offer it on the website as well.  More info. on how all of that will work later this week.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

(Hey Holly- saw your MegaMeet post!  Would you mind emailing us at and we will get you the addy to mail the list back to.  Thanks so much for your post)!

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learning table said...

Happy to hear he is better. It's always so scary when my kids are sick--I hope you both can relax a little now.

Kerstie said...

As a mom to two boys who have both had their fair share of hospital visits and stays I can relate to how you were feeling. I glad everything is working out and he is feeling better.
Good thoughts and best wishes!

Briana Johnson said...

Oh no, Jenni, I am so so sorry for you guys! But I'm so relieved he's better! A big hug to C!

hobbemom said...

Glad he is doing ok. No worse feeling than when your kids are sick. I'm like you, I let my imagination get the best of me, but my dh is my rock and keeps me grounded....Many blessings to you and your sweet family.

Roxanne said...

Poor kid! Not sure if it is harder for the kids, or for us as their parents when they are sick. Glad that he is on the mend now.