Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sidebar updates and my new favorite show. . .

If you peek over to the left you will see that I have updated my 2012 Road Trip through August.  I am going to be a busy girl for the next few months!  Up next is the Country Living Fair in Austin, TX where we will have a load of antiques and vintage items (will be sharing photos as I get ready for this) and then Mega Meet in Novi for our second year.  If you happen to have looked at the schedule over there, take a peek again as my class photos have been updated. 

And just a little note on my classes, if you have never taken one from me before. . . my class kits are packed full and meet the retail value or more of the class cost itself.  You always have alot of product left over.  I like to finish my projects so I don't try, for example, to do 20 pages in 2 hours.  Instead I try to stick with something that can be completed at a reasonable pace during the allotted time with product leftover so you can add to it later should you want to.  Also, my goal is not to teach how to cut and fold paper - you likely know how to do that!  I always incorporate stamping, inking, painting, punching in the hopes that I might teach you something fun you didn't already know.  Having said that (ha!), my "Figuratively Speaking" class in MI only has a one hour time slot.  At a reasonable pace this is more like a 1.5 - 2 hour class so we will pick up the speed a bit here!  I LOVE this project though - every time I look at the layout I start craving cotton candy!

So enough about that and on to my new favorite show, Duck Dynasty - have you seen this?

Very, very funny. I don't even know what else to say other than it's refreshing to watch something that makes me belly laugh without hearing a "beep" on every other word.  A new episode is on tonight on A&E.  Check it out as you will hear pearls of wisdom on every episode from Willie (foreground) such as "If you eat alot of these you'll start to move backwards as fast as you move forward" - said as they sat down to a crawfish supper.

Happy Wednesday!

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Paula said...

LOL I love that show! Addicted...Such a fun family to watch. I do get grossed out by the frog and squirrel cuisine!

NanaBeth said...

I am so with you.I laughed until my sides hurt-but there's also a lot of good old fashioned down home wisdom.

carriep said...

truely in a decent show that encourages us to be more in line with who God created us to be.