Monday, March 26, 2012

Fresh from the flea market. . .

One of the things I love about coming back from a weekend of shopping, is putting things away.  As I unpack bags and lay them out on my table to be sorted, many times items take on their own vignettes, as if they were always meant to be together.  I love how this happens, and I love playing with little things and creating my own hodge podge of items.  So much so that I plan to start offering each month small collections of items that I think are just meant to be together.  They would be great art journal or collage starters.  Here is one such vignette from my trip this weekend. . .

And while I'm talking vintage, we are going to start offering new One-Of-A-Kind items on the 1st of the month for now on, as well as the 15th.  We will be starting with April 1st.

Betsy and Doris will be updating my blog later this week with some sneaks of those goodies as well as the new kits (I LOVE this month, just sayin) as I will be France.  I look forward to sharing some photos when I get back!

Bon Voyage!

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hobbemom said...

How exciting....Can't wait to see your pictures and hear about your adventures in Paris. Looking forward to the first of the month finds. We "almost" made the trip to Nashville this past weekend to the flea market, but decided to wait til next month when we hope it will be even fuller and more like it was the year we went from Vintage Fest. I'm itching for a good flea market or estate sale shopping adventure!
Have a fun safe trip to Paris!

hobbemom said...

Ok Jenni...I saw the little disney know I gotta have that...I'll be sitting up late on the 31st to grab that one!!