Friday, December 30, 2011

The best year yet!

Tomorrow night, New Year's Eve, we will be ringing in the new year like never before!  With new member benefits, a new shipping policy, a new Project Kit structure and a BIG sale on past kits, this will be the best New Year's yet!

Our Papercrafting Kit this month is full of romance with breezy blues, rich reds and subtle pinks and yellows.  This layout by Ranjini shows off the patterned papers beautifully. . .

And this layout by Lisa shows how versatile this kit can be. . .

Here's a little peek at the wonderful bits and baubles included . . .

As I mentioned, we are making a change in the new year concerning our Project Kit.  This kit will now be called the Monthly "Mini Album Kit" and will be designed by many members of our talented team throughout the year (this month's kit was designed by Brianna).  This kit will now also have a discounted membership price, just like the Papercrafting Kit has always had.  Look for more specific details on this coming in the newsletter tomorrow.  I will continue to create limited edition kits at different times throughout the year - I'm not going anywhere, just broadening my artistic horizons!

Here's a little peek at the Artisan Add-On Kit this month (I love the hot pink overlay). . .

And a peek at the Antiquarian Add-On this month (the German foil doily is my favorite). . .

We will also be offering all of my new Fiskar's punches for the 1st!  I'm so excited to see what the Design Team has in store for these (Doris created this lovely garland - wouldn't it also be wonderful draped over a page)? 

And as promised, look for a BIG sale in the Past Kit area of the site.  Almost all of the remaining 2010 kits will be on sale for 25% - 50% off.  Don't delay - there are less than 12 of any of the kits remaining so we expect them to go fast.  And did I mention that one of the new member benefits is 5% off all additional orders placed each month (and domestic shipping is now free on all orders over $100)!  Check out the newsletter in your inbox soon for more details.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ask your grandmother. . .

I have no fun photos to post, but I do have something fun to share. . .

We took my 85 year old grandmother out to lunch today.  On our way to pick her up I told the boys to be thinking about a question they would want to ask her, something they would want to know about her - anything at all.  It ended up that my two nephews and niece joined us as well.  As we waiting for our food to arrive, I asked the boys to go ahead and ask her and it started a very  interesting and fun conversation, with one question being asked after another.  Here is what I learned about her today . . .

- She had 9 siblings (knew that), but Grace was her favorite sister and Eddie was her favorite brother.
- The most daring thing she every did was ride a roller coaster, and once she did she was hooked.  She said she "never wanted to get off".
- She has only traveled the South/East Coast between Maryland and Florida.  Made me feel very blessed to have the opportunity to travel this beautiful country on a regular basis.
- When Jared asked her about the war she lit up and talked about going to the USO dances every weekend- (with a chaperon of course).  She said that was her contribution to the war.  Did I mention she has a pretty spunky sense of humor?
- She always has to have something sweet after she eats.  Today she added just a bit of grape jelly to the last bite of her pancakes and that did the trick.  I suppose I have her to thank for this vice of mine.

Many years ago I gave her a journal and wrote questions in it for her to answer.  I created a mini album full of photos and her stories (but sadly, have still not quite completed it).  It is a treasure to me. 

Our children are growing up in a selfish world where they need to be entertained every second.  Relationships tend to get lost in the pace of their (our) lives.  I am trying, in small ways surely, to teach them that it's not about them.  It is not an easy thing to do, but I hope today it opened up a little window for them to see what they are missing right in front of them.

I hope you are all enjoying time with your families this season!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you girls!!

I received a very lovely gift today. . .

Doris presented me today with the completed banner from the Design Team (you may have been following along on the other blog).  I immediately took it up and added it to my mantel.  It is such a treasure!  What I love the most is that I can go down from left to right and tell you who created each one - that is what I love about our team - they each have their own unique style.

They are truly an extension of our brand and our site - I am so lucky to have these girls to take my product and make it look good! So thank you girls - for all that you do everyday representing this company so well.  I will surely treasure this gift for years to come!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Vintage Items for the 15th!!

Coming tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. central time!  Here are just a few previews!

Some new additions to the One-of-a-kind area. . .

A sweet set of vintage baby shoes. . .

A beautiful "2-up" antique photo album with Celluloid cover. . .

more vintage cameras. . .

This antique divided Lotto game box. . .

several vintage alarm clocks . . .

And of course several additions to the "I have more than one of these" area (ha)! also know as "This month's finds" . . .
Vintage applique by the yard (a sweet scalloped flower) . . .

and another type of vintage metal receipt holder with a label holder and cool numbers.  They also have a small easel on the back that allows them to sit up just a bit (not as straight up and down as this photo however, but you could prop it up just like we did) . . .

At least another dozen items await you in both categories tomorrow. I love this time of the month!!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

1. Crusty old tackle boxes (but ones that are clean inside and still open and close well).

(left to right)
2. Large MOP buttons
3. Vintage spools with debossed lettering
4. Antique TinType case frames
5. Antique GemType album pages
6. Unique dominoes (like these flat wooden guys with printed details)
7. Calendars (in the bottom.  Had them up for sale on the site once but saved two for me)!

And I just pulled all of the fun vintage stuff for the 15th!  More One-of-a-kind items will go up then as well.  Check back mid-week for previews!

Hope everyone is having a great December!  This is my time to hibernate a bit. The one month out of the year that I don't travel (other than to visit family). I will keep posting, but not as often this month.  Too busy shopping, baking and watching movies with my boys!

Also, very busy finishing up product development for our big trade show in Jan.  I am so excited about the new product - lots of new stuff to create with.  Samples have been rolling in - lots of squealing going on around here!

Happy Monday!
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Monday, December 05, 2011

A class, a chat and a new find . . .

Come chat with me for the first time ever on my OWN message board (it's about time, huh?) this Wednesday the 7th between 7 - 8p.m. central time.  We will primarily be discussing my Home for the Holidays class (kits are still available!) but everyone is welcome to come and chat along!

Speaking of "Home for the Holidays" I will be headed to my hometown in Maryland just after Christmas and will be teaching at my home base there, the fabulous Queen's Ink in Savage Mill.  You can find out more about this class here, including date and time.

And one last item to share, my sweet in-laws picked this cool cigar box up for me recently.  I have never seen one filled with glass tubes (which are holding or held the cigars).  Another great addition to my collection (I also received another amazing gift while I was there, but I will share those with you once I get them framed)!!

Happy Monday- hope it is sunny where you are you (raining and gloomy here).
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Friday, December 02, 2011

Our One Day Local Sale - Tomorrow!!!!

It's finally here!  Looking forward to see many of you I only see once a year!!

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