Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another show this weekend, and some estate sale finds. . .

I am feverishly preparing for another show this weekend.  This time we will be at Christmas Village here in Nashville at the Fairgrounds.  I have already been playing Christmas music as I've been making jewelry, ornaments, Bingo Houses, planting trees in vintage containers, etc., etc.!!  I will share lots of my crafting ideas in the weeks to come AND we will be having a huge release on the 15th and a special Cyber Monday event over at Mercantile.  More details to come!

To hold you over, here are some pics of my finds from a recent estate sale - it was a good one!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love those little purses. I collect those. I have about 6 of them. I collected them to use on primitive dolls, but then I could never part with them. lol. I found a neat little one a few weeks back that is about an inch tall and more like a little makeup purse and it had another layer that was a cute little sewing kit. Neat stuff...

Good luck at your sale this weekend. Looking forward to mid month release and VintageFest at the first of Dec.


Shari Replogle said...

Hi Jenni ,
I think you know which photo I would like (absolutely all of!! lol)
I used my first little antique doll dress I got from you this week on Lily, a mohair bunny I just featured on my blog today. Reagan ( my 10 year old) is having a little trouble parting with the rest of the little dresses, and I am supposed to ask you for more :)