Sunday, October 09, 2011

A wonderful weekend. . .

For the second time, we rode the more than 15 miles on our bikes down the mountain on the Virginia Creeper Trail .  It was a beautiful day - not too cold, not too hot.  If you live anywhere near this, you must give it a try.  It is a very peaceful trip.  Along the way there are beautiful places to stop, should you want to, including the original store below in Green Cove.  The Creeper Trail was a train route until the 1970's.  I loved seeing the history at the old store.

Here are a few shots we took that day (Noah took the one of Jared and I).  Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!

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Sarah said...

We just did the Creeper Trail this past weekend and loved it! I was catching up on my blog reading and found this post so I had to comment! It was one of our favorite family activities this year.