Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vintagefest Announcement and our little patch of heaven. . .

First of all, we are finally ready to announce our plans for Vintagefest.  We have been wanting to make this a little more of a "destination" event (but still keep it intimate) and have decided to put a little more time into the "where's and what's" for now which means. . . there will not officially be a Vintagefest this year.  We are planning it for the end of April in 2012.  Once we get the specific dates we will give those to you (this fall).

We are however going to do another one-day sale on November 5th, Saturday, here in Mt. Juliet.  We are going to offer 2 different make-and-takes that day, even though I will not be offering classes.  More details on that in September!

My hubby set out a huge garden this year.  Right now we only have lettuce (it is much bigger than this photo shows now!), but the corn, watermelon, cantaloupes, potatoes, carrots and "who knows what else" are all gaining ground.

It is a wonderful feeling to grow your own food!

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Gloria L. said...

I'm trying to accept this..... I am in Vintagefest withdrawal!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gloria...VintageFest withdrawal...but the one day sale and 2 make and takes will help a little. lol.. Looking forward to it. Esp the sale. You always have the best goodies. Need to start saving!

And the garden looks great. I wish I had the energy and know how to do that. I guess I'll just support the ones who do have the gift of growing at the local Farmers Market.

Take Care!!


Paula Parrish said...

Hello Jenni,

I love the photo of your family garden; nothing better than growing your own food from the earth. I love gardening! Thanks for sharing!

Smiles, Paula

Anonymous said...

Nice garden. Is that his first try? Someday, i'm hoping we can do that. Actually, maybe it's good news about i have more time to save up and plan. Thx for all you do.