Monday, May 23, 2011

Simple Things. . .

We came home from North Carolina (Inspired) a week ago Sunday to the news that Jared's grandmother had passed away at 97.  We were so blessed to have seen her just 3 weeks ago on our way to MI for Mega Meet.  Although she couldn't recall our names, she knew who we were and she asked if we had moved into our new house.  She was a vibrant, strong, happy lady through her early 90's but the past two years Dimentia crept in and took almost every recent memory from her.  While it was a sad occasion, it was also a celebration of a life well lived.  She was a strong Christian woman who endeared the loss of a husband and a son, both gone too soon - how she must have longed for that reunion!

Jared's cousin Deb wrote her a letter that was read at the service.  It was a memoir of the days she spent on Grandma's farm as a child and the simple pleasures, like stringing buttons and baking bread, that truly make life memorable.  It was Grandma's gift of time and attention - not fancy gifts - that meant the most. 
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Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss Jenni and Jared...It sounds like she was a very special lady who lived a full life. And you are so blessed to have known and had a woman like this in your life. Thinking of you...take care.

cupcake studio said...

Wishing you both peace and comfort in those happy memories!

Melissa Jones said...

So Sorry I lost my grandma a few weeks ago, and honestly i knew that the time she spent with me was the most precious gift (and her recipe for peach ice cream)... thinking of you :)

LOLena said...

Having known the same loss your grandmother experienced with her son, what a wonderful reunion that must have been!!! What a caring way to look at your own loss. God Bless you, Jared, other family with gentle comfort and love. So glad you were able to see her recently. I have a good friend now whose mother is going thru the same thing. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Your Grandmother is free now.

Digi Darla said...

Sorry for your loss, but so glad to hear that you and hubby were able to see her recently. It can be very difficult to live far from loved ones.

What a blessing it has been for your husband and yourself to have been able to know such a grandmother for so many years! How wonderful to know that she is no longer yearning to be with her husband again and enjoying eternal peace! It must have been such a sweet reunion!
Blessings to you all!