Monday, April 04, 2011

Is There A Doctor In The House?

My new obsession (okay, 1 of my new obsessions)!  Not only does this vintage doctor's bag have great bones and a sleek look going for it, it passes my stringent test for usable storage AND it has a monogram (extra cool).  I bought this one for me a couple of weeks ago and found one in Texas with a great plaid lining (and twice this big) for resale at our upcoming shows. 

And speaking of Texas, I want to post some photos of our trip but I need to get Jared to send them to me from his phone.  I walked out the door and forgot my camera of course.  I did have the Flip however and took some inspiring video for my Big Picture Class (only 2 more days to sign up)!  Hope to get that post up soon!
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Nirupama said...

I've always wanted an old doctor's bag! Where do you find them?

Janet said...

Your doctor's bag made me gasp. Although my maternal grandfather wasn't a doctor...his name was Emery Garfield Metcalf.
Love that bag!

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

I think the old dr's bags are neat too and almost bought one then I started thinking about all the sickness it had seen and was afraid to buy it...LOL. Silly I know..but they are SO cool.

Looking forward to the sale on Sat!!!