Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Vintagefest Announcement . .

Thanks so much for the inquiries on our little annual event!  We love to put this on and see our old friends and make a few new ones. 

We have decided to offer the event only once a year instead of twice and with the extension now of our local Flea Market for at least another year, we have decided to try a different time of year all-together and are  going to do it this fall.  The date will be announced in May.

However, we are going to have our first ever one day warehouse sale in April.  I will announce the date next week.  We will have all of the stuff we normally have for sale at Vintagefest but with more discounted and discontinued product - lots of great deals!

I promise to share all of the details soon.

And for those of you not in our neck of the woods, we are going to have a March Madness sale box coming on the 15th.  More details on this by Friday!
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Anonymous said...

ahhhh...so so sad to hear you won't have the spring Vintage Fest. I have genuinely enjoyed the past 2 that I went to..But I will be saving my pennies for the warehouse sale in April and for the VintageFest in the Fall. And that is great news on the Flea Market. That has by far been the best Flea Market I have ever attended.

Take care and see you in April!!


Anonymous said...

I took the plunge into your BPC again. Thx for the alum discount. Can't wait!

Stephanie Howell said...

hmmmmm. maybe i will be there?!?!? i sure hope so!!

Danielle said...

Love it! your blog header is so cute!

Abby said...

First, I totally hope to see Steph H in TN! :)

And second, I'm sure the date's already set for the warehouse sale, but fingers crossed that it's not the first weekend?!

Anonymous said...

Jenni and the gang, sign me uo for VF, I wouldn't miss it for the world. AZlso warehouse(IT is on my birday so I expect cake and ice creamLOL!!Where will the warehouse sale be?? I need to make airline reservations very quickly!That means I will see you before Inspired!! Don't forget my typewriter and 1800's journal., LMK asap. Don't want to miss the saleI hope you're not forgetting to add all kits to my order, I will take two yewwlow spools.Wyat is 14.5 pounds of pure SUGAR!!! Email me if you get a chance! Are there other colors??It will be great to see ya'll again!! Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Oh, do you need help having 2 vintage fests a year?? I am sure we have our diehard alumni who could pinch in.