Monday, February 14, 2011

A HUGE mid-month release tomorrow!!!

I was a bad blogger last week - gonna try and make it up for it this week!

I have a confession to make first - about a new love affair.

Last fall I came across two small graniteware "pails" at an antique show here in town. I had never seen one before. After talking to the dealers they explained that they were French lunch pails from the 1940's. The metal handle folds down and the clips come down to release the top. Just inside sits an aluminum tray. I have since learned that this was used (in conjunction with the rubber seal in the lid) to hold soup, that way they could still hold a sandwich or something else below it. I can't explain why exactly, but I LOVE them! I made an offer for both of them right then and there. I love to use mine to tote mobile projects (particularly for jewelry projects).

I put the small things in the top tray - beads, buttons, etc.

and then tote the pliers and other tools below.

So since last fall I have been on a mission to find some to sell. So. . . tomorrow I've got 5 going up at Mercantile. They range in price and condition (some have their trays and some don't).

I also have a bunch of these sweet Bible lesson booklets. They have the most wonderful graphics on the covers. I also have another 6-8 unique and new vintage items going up.

And. . . I have a few of the kits for this Vintage Photo Garland Class (taught at Creative Connection in Sept.) that I found when we did inventory. Color copies and full instructions come with it.

We only have a handful of this month's kits left (less than a handful of the Add-On and Project Kit) . . . just sayin (ha). If you haven't seen the gallery this month you need to take a look - amazing!!

Everything goes up tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. central time!

(Oh- I need to announce my giveaway winner for the blog hop - will do tomorrow)!

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Anonymous said...

Oh those lunch pals are so unique. What a cool find. Love the garland kit too... Looking forward to the release and good to have you back. I missed you. lol


Annie said...

French lunch pail? GorGeous! I love the bible lesson booklets. I have a beautiful Christmas one that I adore, and found it tucked in an old book that I bought.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you going to allow "members" to have first access to these extras?? My email did not even come into yahoo until this morning.