Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October Kits!!

(this is a sweet old minature scale by the way)

I think this one should be called "Heart and Home"- it just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling! Alot of exclusive stuff here- JBS felt flowers in exclusive colors just for this kit as well as a special printing of orange tickets. And check out this month's repro. photo- isn't that house cool? You can even see the family standing in front if you look closely. The photo above is missing two products by the way- new 7gypsies velvet leaves and Kaisercraft green flower rhinestones.

Okay- I'm not sure if there has ever, in the history of Scrapbooking, been cuter Halloween product then these stickers and Blackboard from Cosmo Cricket. I had the idea for the jointed skeleton ever since I saw the new product in their booth. Everything else just progressed from there. Orange glass glitter, black tinsel trim and black crystals add the detail. If you haven't already bought a package of the skewer sticks (available at any grocery store) you may want to do it! I am addicted to this stick concept - there will be more! The kit instructions will show you how to make 5 different "sticks" but you will have a ton left over to make more!This is the Add-On kit. Lots of vintage stuff. It's hard to tell, but in the upper left corner you will see a Coca Cola receipt. That is actually a book - you get the whole thing! I scored them at the flea market this weekend. Most of them have 50 pages or more in them. See the site for all of the specifics.

And finally, a pillow box filled with vintage Halloween goodies!

You can find this under Limited Edition Kits.

Tonight at 12:00 midnight, central time. Be there!!

P.S. - kits will ship a little early this month, on the 7th and 8th, so as to give plenty of time to play with the Halloween goodies before the big night!

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Anne Alley said...

everything looks fabulous....I love the "sticks"!!

Anonymous said...

oooh that add on is devine!!!!!!!

Chris Dodaj said...

fantastic looking kit this month Jenni! Can't wait to get it!!

paige said...

looks like a fabulous kit. i love these colors.
the add on kit with the coke papers--this atlanta girl is excited about those!
thanks for shipping early too

leah said...

Di-vine! I'm not a big halloween fan, but I've done a project with the CC stuff, and it's FAB to work with. Great picks! :)

Michelle said...

oooh the vintage...soo dreamy!!

becky said...

now to make it to midnight, lol...i want the add-on (wish it was a subscription thing!!) and i am contemplating the vintage halloween goodies -- will have to see about the price!! so many fun ideas already running through my head!

latte_grande said...

Wow, I'm in love! That vintage Halloween yumminess....I must have it!
By the way, what is that you used to hold the card in that first picture? Total coolness!

shatfield said...

Love, love, love the Halloween goodies! It ALL looks fantastic!

Donna said...

Oh the kit looks great yet again. I am so glad it is coming early! I am loving the Halloween goodies too might have to buzz over and get some. Great job, Jenni!


stephanie howell said...

hey jenni! flawless, of course.
hey, i'd like to email you, but i don't think the one i normally use is your personal one..could you email me at stephaniehowell8@gmail.com?
i have a thank you note to send you!!

Jingle said...

These look wonderful!

Stacy said...

I love the vintage Halloween goodies. Ordered mine already!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for who wins the contest! I was wondering- what time will the posts be up? Thanks!!