Monday, December 24, 2007

January Sneak Peaks!!

12 tiny cards (3x3) with unbelievable early 1900's graphics and timeless quotes just waiting for you to add the year and circle the day. The perfect way to date your pages. You get the full set in this month's kit! A brand new product from JBS and exclusive to the Papercrafting Kit until March. And. . .if you like these, you will love the Project Kit this month! Just in time for the new year- a 2008 calendar project featuring these same cards in a 6x6, 2008 format. Check out the Gold reproduction millinery flower- you have to see and touch it to really appreciate it!!And here is the Add-On kit. This gives you a little insight into the color scheme and theme of the Papercrafting Kit! A Vintage Porcelain Watch Face, Ultra Fine Black German Glass Glitter, an assortment of Vintage Price Tags, 3 Pinbacks made from vintage dictionary pages (from Etsy Shop Sushipot) and a fabulous rubber stamp from Savvy Stamps are a few of the highlights.Vintage Kit #1 (all Vintage Kits can be found under Limited Edition Kits) is this sweet Valentine Banner featuring a tiny vintage chandelier crystal, vintage papers and gold German glass glitter.

Vintage kit #2 is this SWEET Hodge Podge Valentine book featuring 2 vintage valentines (dating from the early 1900's to the 1950's) and tons of other vintage materials joined by a single vintage antique brass ring. I am in love with this concept - you will be seeing many other versions of this Hodge Podge book in the future!!

Vintage Kit #3 is a new bracelet kit- this version with a Valentine theme featuring a vintage bingo marker, an old rhinestone paste button, and a tiny vintage rhinestone metal button and hot pink pearl dangle to finish.

And finally. . . One of my first introductions to the new "Boutique" area.

I have been dabbling in jewelry design recently, all with a "re-purpose" and "re-invent" kind of theme. I have been collecting vintage parts and pieces for several months in mass! The offerings will vary in price (as many items will include highly collectible Victorian jewelry parts and fine silver and gold) and availability (some items being one-of-a-kind while others will be massed produced when available). Everything is handmade- by me! My little creative escape when I can find the time. Most offerings will actually be introduced mid-month instead of on the first and will be announced here.
For this month I have put together two "Sweetheart" necklaces. One has a vintage pearl as shown here, and one has a vintage red heart bead. All parts are vintage brass and have a WONDERFUL warm patina - I love them! The chain is 16". I do have several of each- I have been working my little fingers hard over the break! I also have about 10 silver adjustable rings with a vintage Lucite carved dark pink rose that you will find on the 1st as well!
All items on sale tomorrow, New Year's Eve, at 12:00a.m. central time.
Have a safe and happy New Year's!
(Sorry for the confusion! I realized when I wrote this yesterday that I said "tomorrow" above but the date for the post is showing as Dec 24 since I had loaded the pictures and saved the post before I went out of town. You will not be able to purchase any of these items until tonight, Dec 31st, New Years Eve, at 12:00am.
Also - the Boutique area will indeed be live so that is where you will find the new handmade jewelry. )

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Something new on it's way. . .

Isn't that both irritating and exciting at the same time?? I promise- more details soon!!

And. . .January sneaks peeks coming next week which include several vintage Valentine kits!!

Merry Christmas!!! (and just a reminder - our offices will be closed all of next week).

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas to You!!!

Guess what? We have a little last minute gift for all of our wonderful customers!
20% of all orders beginning now (yes, right now) until the 31st of December!

Use coupon code 20OFF at checkout.

(you must use this to get the discount- it is automatically calculated)

This would be a great time to pick up some last minute stocking stuffers or some past kits you have been thinking about. We plan to ship orders out the same day they are received. All Domestic orders placed by the 19th should make it by Christmas as we ship Priority Mail.
If you are interested in a December Papercrafting Kit, you will have to e-mail us and let us know. We can add it to your order, but it will be at full price ($29.99). We have a few left in inventory (less than 20) but had to take them off the site as they are not part of the sale.

Also, the new gallery is up. And if you thought this kit was just for Christmas layouts, think again! I ended up focusing on the green and metallics mostly - funny how you get inspired!

Happy Thursday- the sun is finally shining here!!

P.S. - our office will be closed the 23rd - the first of the year so that our families may spend time with their loved ones. All orders placed during that time will be shipped after the 2nd.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some more Christmas Inspiration!

These two photos are of the old store cabinet in my studio- I just had have this looking festive! My glamour vase girl got a Christmas hat too. It makes me soo happy to walk by this (if I don't glance down at the floor which is covered over with "stuff" again)!

This is my new tinsel tree covered with my vintage Shiney Brite ornaments. I love the way the sun hits it everyday.

We have been so busy already this month. We did the "Walk through Bethlehem" yesterday before our church's Christmas program and it was amazing. A large local church does this every year and they go all out. Roman soldiers and shepards are walking around with sheep, live ox and a camel! It is very crowded as they only do it for a single day, but I loved how well they told the story of Jesus's birth and the culture of the time. Very impressive.

We are headed to "Ice" this weekend with my brother. Opryland sponsors this every year but we have never been. This year the theme is Dr. Seuss so we had to try it. It is apparently rooms filled with ice sculptures and interactive displays.

Next Thursday we are back out to Opryland to see the Rockettes. I must tell you we are spoiled to be in Nashville at Christmas. You could spend everyday at Opryland and have something new to see or do!

Have a great week!

Oh - by the way - the instructions for the Limited Edition Kits sold on the 1st and the Project Kit are already up under the December gallery under "Create". The rest of the gallery will be updated late on the 12th as usual.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vintage Kit Instructions. . .

I forgot to mention that the instructions for the first 4 Vintage Kits for the month that we sold just after Thanksgiving can be found right now under the December Gallery under the "Create" Block. You will see that the "Limited Edition Gallery" is updated now, even thought the rest of the Gallery is not (and won't be until the night of the 12th as usual). However, since we are shipping a little early this month (the 7th and the 8th) I will add another Limited Edition Gallery in this same place on the 8th or the 9th so you can get started on the kits that just launched right away!

I will leave you with some quick photos of my family room downstairs. It is definitely a "silver and gold" theme!!

(I got the Santa's at TJ Maxx. Jared keeps telling me I need to let them out of their glass prison)!
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