Friday, November 30, 2007

***P.S. - don't be alarmed if you still see the November photos on the home page. I think my programmer is still out of town so they most likely won't change for a day or two. Just go into shopping and click on any of the categories and you will find everything correctly there (beginning at midnight)!***

As promised, more peeks. . .

This is the Project Kit featuring the new large scalloped banner chipboard, silver glass glitter and tiny pearl charms from the 1940's! You get the full set of letters so you can spell whatever you would like. The kit comes with 5 banner pieces, but all of the new chipboard will be available tonight individually as well so you can easily pick up extra pieces to extend your banner.
This is the Vintage Christmas Papercrafting Box. You will have to read the description at the site to really get a good idea of all that comes in it. The box is 8" x 5.5"!! There are several things you just can't see in the photo (but doesn't this photo make you happy)?!?!?
This is the add-on kit. I am in LOVE with these chocolate brown velvet leaves. I'm thinking o f using the red glass glitter to make little berries on each one of them!
This is a bracelet kit. Fast and easy to put together and it makes a great gift! The mother of pearl button, flower cabochon (center) and pearl cabochon are all vintage (as well as the sweet pearl charms dangling everywhere). You get everything you need to complete it - all you need are basic jewelry pliers. I could not get a good photo of these guys!! They are sweet little birds sitting in a seashell nest made with vintage ledger strips and adorned with vintage mercury glass "eggs". I also sprinkled on some vintage mica glitter. You could make yours into ornaments with a dremel tool. Mine are sitting on books in my bookcase.
Last but not least is this sweet box. It is so well made - very, very cool. It actually comes with an accordion book inside. I pulled mine out and lined it to hold a gift. You can decide! Each comes with an old ornate cameo setting and a vintage millinery leaf and this FABULOUS vintage flocked wallpaper.

Also, don't forget that all of the Brown Transferware line product and the new chipboard shapes will also be available tonight for individual sale.

I will also restock in limited quantities the Vintage Paperweight kit and the Vintage Milk Cap Garland.

See you tonight (12:00 a.m. central time)!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Winter Woods. . .
I always like to use traditional colors for the December kit, without it having a "Christmas" theme (since we have so many subscribers all over the world who may not be able to use a paper with Christmas Trees tiled all over)! So. . . this year I came up with the idea for a "Winter Woods" theme. Deep Greens, Rich Reds and gold and silver accents. Pine trees, butterflies, florals and birds accent the entire kit. Here is another little peek. . .

Peeks of all of the new kits coming tomorrow afternoon (including the FABULOUS Vintage Christmas Papercrafting Box)! I will let you know about re-stocks as well. So, check in tomorrow afternoon and then plan on checking everything out tomorrow night at 12:00 midnight central!

I have been busy decorating too- I will post some pictures this weekend!

***Thanks for the post on the misspelled title! I was trying to spell December backwards and missed the M!! Uggh ***

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Vintage Kits - Now Available!!
Okay, the kits shown in the post below (4 of them) are now available at the site (under Limited Edition Kits). Yes, right now!
This is the deal: If you order these now, they will ship right away. We CANNOT hold your order until we ship kits next month (which will be on the 8th by the way). We had SO MANY special kits for December that I wanted to go ahead and at least get these 4 to those of you who wanted to get a head start. I expect that these will all be in stock for several days, if not on into December, but I never know for sure. I would have put them all up, but I am still expecting some materials this week for the others. The Vintage Christmas Papercrafting Box and a few other vintage kits will be available on the 1st along with the main kits. I will post some previews this week.
So happy shopping!!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess What? Christmas is coming a little early this year. . .

This is where it pays to be a blog reader (or at least if you are into these vintage kits)! I have decided to go ahead and offer several of the kits this Sunday night. I have been working to get them done! There will still be a couple of new vintage kits offered on the 1st as usual, but there were ones I had everything in for and was able to whip together. I thought it would be nice to go ahead and get these out to those of you who wanted to decorate with them. These orders will ship right away as they come through. I will post more info on Sunday, but here are some peeks:

Featuring Vintage Wallpaper, glass glitter and a large vintage chandelier crystal!!

Here are the milk caps again, but in red and green this time and a sweet, tiny, vintage mercury glass ornament and holly leaf charm to finish it. You get enough to make two ornaments.

Aren't these the cutest?? You get the Dresden wings, two sets each in white, silver and pink and several vintage embellishments including the great German tinsel trim to make the tree!

This is a Christmas garland much like the Halloween garland, but for the center it features a highly collectible (I have been hoarding them all year!) punched tin candle reflector. The paper is vintage tissue paper- isn't it great!!!

Okay- have a Happy Thanksgiving. Check back here on Sunday for more info!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . .

I am compiling all of my goodies to share- most of which I have been collecting all year long! I hope to get all of the vintage projects and the Project Kit done early next week so I can post some hints before Thanksgiving. I keep coming up with ideas so I have a feeling this month is going to be packed!! One of the things that will be available is a Vintage Christmas Papercrafting Box. This will be a large gift box (3x the size of the junque boxes) filled with old wrapping paper, vintage Christmas seals and tags, a vintage Christmas postcard and much more. I am still getting everything organized. I have already started listening to XM Holly on XM radio and even started decorating in spots. We will get the tree out this weekend- I always like to have it all done just before Thanksgiving. I will post some pictures when it is all done- I got a great tinsel tree on sale after the holidays last year for downstairs and I can't wait to decorate it!

And. . . I thought I would share a couple of other finds:

I found this great trinket dish the other day (and some more mother of pearl buttons). And. . .

These awesome Puma's (because your shoes should always match your house.

I made a trip to Scarlett's today and grabbed the greatest door (with a mirror insert) that you have ever seen!!!! We didn't have the truck so once I pick it up after Thanksgiving I will snap a photo. We are planning on breaking ground at our property in March so I am already stockpiling a few things I think I can't live without!

Have a great night-

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Some quick inspiration. . .

So sorry- we are crazy busy, but I thought I would post a little eye candy until I can get to some December hints!! These are all cork boards I made (thanks for the help Rebecca!) when I re-organized everything. I covered all of them with old feedsacks or linens so the backgrounds were neutral.

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