Friday, August 31, 2007

I forgot one more thing. . .
ALL new JBS products will be available for individual sale tonight as well (how did I forget to mention that)! That includes the brand new Printed Tickets- Punctuation and Frames, New Mini Papers, New Die Cut Alpha Sheets (in Ledger styles too), all colors of the new Tab Stickers and Label Stickers (singles, from roll), all of the new Rub-Ons, etc. etc. Tons!!
Okay, now back to loading pictures. Read on below for all of the previews!!
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Okay- here we go. . .
A little hint about this month's Papercrafting Kit:

I love this sweet little rub-on alphabet from American Crafts - it is called "Rue". So very cute and brand spanking new!! Look for some chartreuse to go with this blue and brown color scheme!

And, here is a little peek at the Project Kit:

I had to try my hand at this "Rebecca Sower-esque" flower!! So much fun to make, gently edged in beautiful black glitter (I love the grunge-glam feel it gave to the project - very edgy)! You will have to wait until midnight to see what this is exactly, but it involves a wooden hanger! The tiny glass flower beads are like those once used to make Victorian lampshades

And finally, here is a little peek at the new Kit category from JBS - Vintage Limited Edition Kits.

You will find these under Limited Edition Kits. These kits are in very limited quantities which will vary month to month as I am dealing with almost 100% found materials. For this reason, they are NOT available on membership. Some months (such as this one) there will be more than one kit offered (have to wait till midnight to see the second)! I do have plans to offer the same type of kit more than once however. For example, the Beaded Book Necklace kit above will most likely be available again using different materials (i.e. - vintage Victorian calling cards instead of these Bird trading cards). There is also a possibility that I come across more of something later and offer a certain kit again. That is where blog reading comes in handy!! If I ever find more of something, blog readers are the first to know.

I have so many kits lined up - this is my passion!! It has been so much fun coming up with ideas - I have sticky notes all over this house. I know that I won't have enough of any one thing to meet the demand, but please keep up with the blog and I will try my best to restock!

Please note - you may not see the new pictures on the home page for September tonight (or even this weekend) , BUT everything will indeed be up for sale at midnight. I forgot to send my programmer the home page photos to upload until tonight and I'm not sure if he will see the e-mail. All of the new kits will indeed be there when you click on "shop" so no worries.

(continued below - keep reading!). . .

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(this is my tricky way of getting to post more pictures at one time)!

Here is a little preview of another new offering going up for the first time tonight. These are 2" Vintage Embellishment Tins, available in 3 themes for now: Premium Buttons, Hodge Podge and Bling. The Premium Button will consist of the more collectible button types - mother of pearl (several), mother of pearl carved, glass (clear, depression glass or china) and pierced plastic and celluloid. Many of the included buttons will be worth more than $1-$2 on their own. I suppose you have to appreciate and love buttons to understand why a 2" tin is $4.99!

The Bling tin is filled with vintage and antique sequins, vintage tiny dress trim, rhinestone and/or mirror buttons and vintage rhinestones. Each tin will vary in color.

The Hodge Podge tin (Blogger is fighting with me and won't let me post this photo) will have various vintage and antique embellishments such as glass beads, flower findings, and charms. This will constantly vary as my "stash" changes! All Vintage Embellishment Tins are $4.99. These will ultimately replace the Junque Boxes. I love them so, but the labor involved in getting those together was just too high (and I really feel like $9.99 was pushing it to begin with). So. . . we have a few left in limited quantities (under 8 left of each) if you wanted to pick one up for now. You can find these under the JBS Exclusive Products category.

Also check out the Past Kits page. We will be having a sale this month only of more than 30% off most remaining kits in this category (does not apply to the October Kit that was already on sale - only 6 of those kits remain)!

Whew- I think that is everything! I hope to get the newsletter out tonight as well. I have high hopes!!

Everything goes live tonight at 12:00 midnight central time.
(EDITED** I totally forgot! There is one more tin! I was sitting there this afternoon telling my husband I knew I was missing one (and this one is my favorite)! This is the Alpha-Numeric Tin. These are vintage letter tiles- highly collectible if you are into that. I found several boxes over the years and now I am sharing. I also picked up a huge bag filled with the thin metal alphabet and numbers a couple of years ago and they are mixed in. You get approx. 30 pieces per tin- a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation. I had to run and take this with my Ott-Lite - not too bad)!
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Previews coming. . .
I promise!! I am still sizing photos, need to take some more in the am, etc. and then I will post everything here!! I meant to get some sneaks out and just had too much going on (there is alot happening this month)! So. . .hold tight! You will see something here by tomorrow evening, before everything goes live at midnight!
A new kit style will be available as well as some new vintage embellishment tins! I am so excited to share!!
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flea Market Treasures

I have been "flea marketing" all weekend. I took Ruth, the fierce negotiator with me yesterday and she got me some good deals (at least until we couldn't take the 100+degree heat anymore). I found more buttons than I have ever had before. It's partly because I have stopped buying big jars and bins of buttons and focus more on the sorted baggies of superior buttons. Most times I spend less money that way than on the big jar that only ends up yielding 20 or so great buttons. Last month I didn't have much luck at all. This month I found several things that got my heart rate up!

All of this has to do with some of the new kits and such I am launching at the site next week. I am desperately trying to get my studio cleaned out and rearranged so I can get back to creating again. I hope to have some hints to share early next week!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Past Kits - Update for Blog Readers!!

It pays to read my blog! Every once and awhile I find things when I do inventory (and just plain clean up!) and you guys are the first to know!

Remember this kit from March?:

I found 4 of them today and put them back up for sale- just now (3:00 central). Just 4 though!
And while I'm at it I thought I would mention that I am running very low on a few of the other kits found under "Past Kits" at the site. Here is the rundown of what I have left:
May Limited Edition Kit- 1
October 2006 PCK - 14
July Add-On - 2
April Project Kit - 6
I thought I would mention this in case you were debating about getting any of these. The October Kit is discounted and has a sort-of "back to school" theme to it!
Next month we will be running a sale on a few of the other Past Kits so look for that.
And. . . we will be debuting a brand new kit that is close to my heart (you will see why)! It will not be available for membership as the quantities will be very limited and will vary month to month. I hope to have a preview for you next week.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scrap Etc Event - 2008
So have you heard? I'm teaching at the Scrap Etc event again next year (April 17th - 19th) along with Heidi Swapp and a whole list of very talented women (how did I get in this company)?? I am already planning a cool concept for my class! They are almost sold out so if you are interested, find out more here. It is actually in my hometown this time, at the Opryland Hotel.
Now back to Dance, Dance Revolution. It's my turn!
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Pimp My Desk"
I have a weakness for tables (and chairs, and mirrors, and scales. . . ). I don't seem to know where to stop! So. . . I mentioned I have been working on rearranging my studio a little (and finishing some house projects - photos to come). This has left me with a little dilemma - I have an extra table. I bought a new one for the center of my studio that can hold large printers trays full of my "goodies" which has left this little guy orphaned:

I thought I had better better pictures than this on file, so I didn't take any before I moved it out. I need to measure it exactly, but it is around 40" + inches wide. It has a shelf along the front bottom that comes in very handy. It is solid and heavy- shabby white. Best part is a "pimped" it up and added the wood trim piece to the top, the old metal brackets to the corners and a plexi glass top for easy cleaning.

If you are within driving distance and are interested just send me a note ( Price is $200
I am working on the gallery today - it will be up by Monday morning!!
Oh- and thanks so much for voting for Brewster. In the end he missed it by just a few votes, but he really got close thanks to you guys!
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Friday, August 03, 2007

Vote for Brewster

Ok- I promised my mom that I would post this here. If you are so inclined please click here and vote for "my little brother" as she has so subtlety reminded me of all week! Once you click on the link you just have to scroll down and over to the right, click on the spot that says, "Click here to Vote". The voting page then comes up and you will see Brewster. I have no idea what he gets if he wins, but my mother is very excited. How can you NOT vote for this face - I just want to eat him up!! Voting ends at noon tomorrow (Saturday).
I have some exciting things planned for next month . . . more coming soon!!
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