Friday, August 31, 2007

Okay- here we go. . .
A little hint about this month's Papercrafting Kit:

I love this sweet little rub-on alphabet from American Crafts - it is called "Rue". So very cute and brand spanking new!! Look for some chartreuse to go with this blue and brown color scheme!

And, here is a little peek at the Project Kit:

I had to try my hand at this "Rebecca Sower-esque" flower!! So much fun to make, gently edged in beautiful black glitter (I love the grunge-glam feel it gave to the project - very edgy)! You will have to wait until midnight to see what this is exactly, but it involves a wooden hanger! The tiny glass flower beads are like those once used to make Victorian lampshades

And finally, here is a little peek at the new Kit category from JBS - Vintage Limited Edition Kits.

You will find these under Limited Edition Kits. These kits are in very limited quantities which will vary month to month as I am dealing with almost 100% found materials. For this reason, they are NOT available on membership. Some months (such as this one) there will be more than one kit offered (have to wait till midnight to see the second)! I do have plans to offer the same type of kit more than once however. For example, the Beaded Book Necklace kit above will most likely be available again using different materials (i.e. - vintage Victorian calling cards instead of these Bird trading cards). There is also a possibility that I come across more of something later and offer a certain kit again. That is where blog reading comes in handy!! If I ever find more of something, blog readers are the first to know.

I have so many kits lined up - this is my passion!! It has been so much fun coming up with ideas - I have sticky notes all over this house. I know that I won't have enough of any one thing to meet the demand, but please keep up with the blog and I will try my best to restock!

Please note - you may not see the new pictures on the home page for September tonight (or even this weekend) , BUT everything will indeed be up for sale at midnight. I forgot to send my programmer the home page photos to upload until tonight and I'm not sure if he will see the e-mail. All of the new kits will indeed be there when you click on "shop" so no worries.

(continued below - keep reading!). . .

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Hollye said...

can't wait to get my kit!!!

Close To Home said...

I love this site....I think I have the same passion for creating kits, but not for others. Also, I don't have many places to hunt for vintage items, so I think I'll be becoming a new customer!