Friday, June 29, 2007

Previews as promised!

Here are some little hints as to what is coming on the 1st!
This is a little layout I did with some of the elements from the Papercrafting Kit. All of the paper and several accessories are brand new 7gypsies - just released! Also some new rub-ons from Basic Grey (the swirls) and luscious velvet ribbon from Making Memories. I also used some glitter from the add on kit on the scalloped border, but you can't tell in the photo! There is actually quite a bit of blue in the kit along with the yellow and the brown.

And here is a little peek at the Project Kit:

See you on Sunday! The chipboard birds, label frames and suns will also be available for individual sale beginning this month. AND. . .we just found a couple of Project Kits from last month (the birds) so I will put that back up on the 1st as well until they are gone.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a week!!

Crabs, WaWa milkshakes and Rainbowland! I had a great time in Maryland (came back with an extra pound or two I am sure). This is our crazy time of the summer - we are headed out again in just a few days. Crazy!
The kids had such a great time at Rainbowland. It really is amazing what they do there. I believe they have 400 kids a week and it is a PRODUCTION! So many great volunteers (including my mom, brother, SIL and niece).
(brother and SIL - can you tell she was the captain of the cheerleaders)!!

(Noah - the theme was "Indiana Jones")

On the last day I went up to see the final "act" of the week. They had a drama/singing/dancing program at the end of each day. I was truly amazed. I have been to many concerts and I believe the screaming and energy was greater here (not my Noah's thing, but he coped)! It was really moving to see the reaction of the kids and to know what all of the excitement was about.

And of course we found a little time for the pool each day:

Sneak peeks for July coming on Friday!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

June Gallery is up and a little July tease. . .

Jared loves me for this one, let me tell you! I couldn't resist -

I am headed out for the week to visit my family in Maryland (i.e. to eat some crabs, drink WaWa milkshakes and take the kids to "Rainbowland" at Chesapeake Church). So. . . I will be absent for a few days.

But to tide you over, here is a little eye candy that has something to do with one of the kits for July!!!!

(these make me sooooo happy. I'm having a hard time sharing)!!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June Gallery. . .
is coming! You will see parts and pieces as I am loading things now. Where you see old will be replaced with the new by midnight tonight (including the new Project Kit instructions). I usually have it done by the am on the 12th but I am running a little behind today!
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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Creative Universe

I was talking to Ranjini over at Scrapologie earlier this week and she mentioned something to me that I have thought alot about since. She had taken a class from Heidi Swapp at some point who mentioned that she never hesitated to reveal creative sources, experiences and the such as she felt it just went out into the "creative universe" and would come back to her someday in a new way (I'm sure I mis-quoted, but I believe that was the summary, right Heidi)?? Anyhow - isn't this a really cool concept? Are we not all blessed each day, particularly in the age of the Internet, with individuals who share their passions, inspirations and ideas with us everyday? As I was thinking on all of this last night, I hopped over to one of my favorite places to go, Rebecca's blog, and wouldn't you know that this was the theme of her most recent entry?

So. . . I thought it would be appropriate today to share some of my favorite links and local creative spots with all of you!

1. - first of all, if you don't already have the blog of Pam Garrison earmarked, you must do this now! She is incredibly creative and very diligent about posting "eye candy" on a regular basis. She also provides great links to fellow artists and websites. It is a great source for the creative soul!

2. - if you love vintage and vintage inspired embellishments you won't want to miss Paper Valise. Just looking at the home page will make your heart go pitter patter. Check out Mantofev for even edgier stuff.

3. - Ebay- what can I say? I don't know how I survived without it! The only thing I miss are the days when everyone wasn't into it and you could get things alot cheaper! You need to drop in at least once a week and run a search on what you are looking for to stay on top of the best stuff. Try "Old Store" , one of my favorite search phrases to find old displays for studio storage, apothecary jars and other cool items!

4. - if you live near Nashville, you don't want to miss the flea market at the fairgrounds. You have to search, but you can find almost anything there. Last time I picked up a pile of old canning jar lids that had the perfect patina. I really want to make some collages in them (in my free time)! There is a booth in the Sports Arena/Barn that you won't want to miss. She makes necklaces out of old typewriter keys, but her booth is full of old tin letters, signs, ledgers and knick knacks. She just started setting up about 3 months ago. I keep going and spending big bucks so she will keep coming back! ha! Leave me some things if you get there first!
Here are two of my finds from the other day!

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