Monday, October 01, 2007

Just in case. . .
you had trouble last night finding some of the kits, etc., I believe it is all fixed now. I was out of town and trying to do it with a very poor wireless connection (ended up using my Palm which was a nightmare with that little screen). I believe my programmer has put everything in place this morning and I can tell that inventory is dropping (so I know most of you were not having problems)! Anyhow, very frustrating for me at the moment because I can't see things clearly.

I hope you enjoy the Vintage Kits this month!! There are still this morning several to go around of everything. I upped the Project Kit and Add On kit quantities this month again (and have more of the vintage kits then I did last month). Everyone I know is getting the little booklaces in some form for Christmas!!
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erin said...

Thanks for letting us know about the website! On your "project kit" page, are you going to list the contents? I love the for photos of the projects, but I would really like to see the individual contents. Thank you!

christen said...

when i tried to check out it said "error" and that the disc was full. i'm not sure if i should try to order again or not!