Sunday, December 03, 2006

Go Titans!
Did anyone see the game today? I am a "fairweather" fan. Only around cheering when they are winning and today they won a good one! Almost broke the record for longest field goal to win the game.
The site seems to be running smoothly. I think most people can view it now and we have fixed the glitches we were aware of. If you still have any trouble just send a very specific note through the contact link and we will get back to you. I apologize for setting a specific "time" to the launch. I don't think I fully got the fact that it would take as long as it did for some to see it (and there could still be a few who aren't). Wishful thinking I think! Thanks for your patience and I hope everyone enjoys the site.
If you sent us a note in the past two days, we will be getting back to you very soon. Particularly those of you who checked out with a one time Papercrafting Kit because you couldn't get the membership price in your cart.
Have a great Sunday night - I am dealing with a sick little one today so it has been a little challenging, but he is starting to feel much better!
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Anilu Magloire said...

I hope he feels better soon. The site looks gorgeous. Very you. Congratulations!!
I finally had no problem and now have my sub back... Woohoo!!!

Kim Bolyard said...

I just want to let you guys know that you are doing an incredible job. You are quick to respone to all my e-mails and sharing all the info I need. Keep up the great job.


sarah green said...

I agree with the email that I sent was answered very quickly..thanks Ruth! and hopefully you can get back to me soon about the membership thing and order..would hate to miss!

g said...

Hi Jenni. Congrats on your new site and all the best in the success department in 2007.

looking forward to the gallery!

Sonya/Deazine said...

Absolutely am lovin' your new site! Awesome design and interaction/animation!!
I love every kit you put out and am happy to see things "aligning" for you! :)