Saturday, September 09, 2006

Slight Delay. . .
Seems to be the story of my life this month. A slight delay in billing (the membership re-up portion of my automated billing took much longer than expected) and now a slight delay in shipping. Because the 10th falls on a Sunday this month, we of course planned to ship on Monday. However, kits will be going out on Tuesday instead. I still do not have my notebooks for the kit. The binding machine broke last week apparently and you know the rest of the story. Anyhow, if I wasn't promised them on Monday I would ship them out separate, but I'm hoping everyone will be understanding about 1 day. Honestly, the only people that would even notice would be the local girls who get their kits the next day! But I didn't want anyone to see the post date and think I was trying to slip one by them. . .
Also, to 75% of you, your accounts will look correct at the site. To the other 25%, it will not. I had to do alot of manual processing this month which is not reflected in the accounts yet, nor is it if I had to make a change to your order. At this point, everyone has been billed and we are set to go.
I am utterly exhausted. I have to come up with a better plan. I'm working on it.
So sorry I haven't posted lately. We finally finished our patio and had our first smore's roast last weekend with the neighbors (hubby built a fire pit). Here are a few photos:

That is Emily and Andrew with Christian at the top (they belong to Ruth and Rich). Rich wanted to make it on my blog but I couldn't get rid of the red eye in the photo I had of him and Emily! Noah dug out these goggles to keep the smoke out of his eyes. He has never been too concerned about his looks, which is highly evident here!

Oh - and here is a hint about this month's guest designer. You may know her as "Mary Grace", "Maria Grace", or just "Grace". Her style is truly one of a kind and she gives the best hugs!

Have a good weekend! Jenni

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Anonymous said...

Maria Grace Abuzman!!!! WOW Jenni! You've got quite the influence! I love her work and I love all your guest designers! Can't wait to see what she does with your stupendous kit! :-)

P.S. don't sweat the small stuff! we really can wait another's worth it!

Anilu Magloire said...

OMG! I can't wait for this month's gallery. Jenni AND Maria Grace???? Can't get any better than that!!! Yipee!
Hey Jenni, as long as the kit's coming, we can wait a day, relax!

Kim Bolyard said...

Not to worry...things happen and I think it is great that you just let everyone know what is going on and they will understand that. Can't wait for the monthly inspiration.


Angel's Imaginations said...

What's a day or two amongst friends, right? No worries. :-) I can't wait to see the kit, and the inspiration! :-)

Tanya Webster said...

definitely no have a loyal following who will stick with you no matter what! :) dont sweat the small stuff because you are DOING GREAT!! :) Tanya

Dina said...

Was reading about your frustrations, so I thought I'd send you a note of encouragement. I love, love, love your kits. Thanks so much for the time & effort you put into them! I have made some wonderful scrapbook pages that were inspired by the goodies in your kits...goodies that I never would have purchased on my own. So thanks for all you do...this scrapper appreciates it!

Anonymous said...

is the gallery going up today or is it delayed too? just wondering! :-) anxious to see all the great creations and inspiration!

Anilu Magloire said...

Miss Jenni... Where is the gallery?? I'm dying here. COme on, tell us when will it go live? I need me some Maria Grace!

Caron said...

Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration Jenni!! Can't wait to get the kit in a few days!

Have a Blessed Week!