Saturday, May 13, 2006

May Gallery is up!!!
So sorry for the delay. April is back up too (but now March and Feb. images are missing)
I guess you can't have it all! We will fix this soon.
Have a great weekend!!
P.S. - I found a bag from my favorite antique store in the front seat of my husband's car. Wonder who that's for??? I will let you know how he did!
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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Girl! At the risk of sounding trite: This Gallery so totally rocks!
I'm so glad we're grilling dinner tonight so that clean up will go quick and then I'm going to play.
Your galleries are always worth the wait and I'm always inspired by each layout.
Thanks to you and the ultra fabulous Teresa C.

Kristine Schnittgen

Kim Bolyard said...

I am so early Mother's day gift to me. Love all the ideas. Happy Mother's day


Crafty P said...

Oh goodie- I was wondering where April went away to.

FYI- when you click on the May journaling jumpstart, it takes you to last month's journaling jumpstart page. (which incidentaly, I'd love to know what the quote for that was- couldn't read it clearly)

And is there another secret to seeing the kit instructions? are there supposed to be pictures?

Make sure you don't do anything about these issues tomorrow, just ENJOY YOUR MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

Thanks so much for all your elbow grease on the site and getting up the gallery- it's awesome!


Robyn said...

Yeah for you and the your secret gift!!!! Too cool! He sounds like a keeper! Thanks for working so hard on all of this, everything looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Since I have never cover chipboard and especially stars could you explain the process? Do you cover the sides, the entire piece and then cut the sections, what type of adhesive, top coat?

cindy liebel said...

i got my package a few days ago & i am so ecstatic to play! so glad to see the inspiration gallery up for the kit. can't wait to play & try out the technique this month! love your kits & look forward to getting more! have a Happy Mother's Day!

Julie S. said...

YAY!! I have been checking your website and blog daily in anticipation of May's Gallery!! It was WAY worth the wait! I absolutely LOVE the stamping technique this month! Can't wait to try it!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work!! I am heading to the gallery right now to see what I can do with my package that arrived on Friday!! I was so excited with it arrived, as this is the first online scrapbooking item that I've purchased!! Have a WONDERFUL Mothers Day!

KristinA said...

Thanks for another AMAZING kit!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Christy said...

Love, love, looove May's gallery!
SO flippin' awesome and inspiring... can't wait to try my hand at this month's technique! Thanks for all your hard work... I can only imagine how exhausting and stressful it must be. :)