Saturday, April 29, 2006

Please read- May kit information
As you know (if you read this blog regularly) we have hired a new web team to re-vamp our site. Most of it is behind the scences stuff that will make our life easier- and yours! Unfortunately, the developers have been a little delayed, and in order not to rush things, we are moving the sale date back a couple of days for the new May kits. So, DO NOT STAY UP UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON THE 1ST!! The new May kits will not be available for sale on the website until 12:00 a.m. May 4th. This will not affect the billing of current (or pre-signed up) members, or the shipping date (kits will still ship out on the 10th). This information is up at the website as well.
We plan to send out an e-mail in the next couple of days to members informing everyone of some exciting changes this month! I will post here as well.
We are in Atlanta today visiting my brother who just moved his family here. I have a handsome new nephew, Alex Jacob that I got to meet for the first time today. He is such a cutie - with red hair just like I had! I took some sweet photos this morning of him and Noah, who just loves babies!
Have a great weekend!
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sarah green said...

Look forward to seeing the new kit on the web in the next couple of days... gotta love red-heads, my two littlies both have red hair - gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the May Kit! Does this mean it won't be on the site to see on the 1st?? Thx!

Kristi H. said...

I'm dying to see the new May kit too! All these little teasers you've been giving are just too much! Thank goodness the 1st of the month is upon us! :)

So glad your new web team seems to be making things easier for your Studio productions. Hopefully you'll be able to work more on the fun side of it now, and have more time for your family and self. It's so hard to reach a feeling of balance between everything; it's something I'm constantly struggling with and I don't even work other than being a stay-at-home mom. You amaze and inspire me with all you do--and so beautifully too--Jenni!

Sounds like you had a fun weekend meeting your new nephew! Aren't babies just the sweetest thing?

Anonymous said...

I just ordered my first kit today (the May kit) and I can't wait to get it! I loved the last three kits you've offered, but unfortunately waited too long to order and they were sold out! I've learned my lesson, so this time I pre-ordered!

Thanks for offering such a cool kit! I love your style.


Anonymous said...

OK, now we know where you were when you weren't in class in Nashville at the CKC this past weekend...We were so disappointed not getting to talk to you in person. We met you before in Nashville @ CKU about 3 years ago...anyway the class was great but just not the same with you not there. We talked about stalking your house when we passed the exit sign to Mt. Juliet on our way back to Knoxville...LOL. Or stalking Panera since you said you go there often. LOL Would you have let us in?? We can hardly wait to get your next kit. We are one of your #1 fans. Keep up the great work, you are doing a wonderful job. Take care and maybe we will see you next time in Nashville....

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to get it! The May kit looks so pretty. Thanks for emailing me back, Jenni!! :)


Julie S. said...

We NEED a papercrafting preview! PLEASE!! This is just killing me, the waiting!! ;) I just LOVE your kits!

Kristi H. said...

I'm getting more and more antsy with each passing day! And it's killing me that we have to wait until the 4th this month! Do you think you could give us one more little peek?!

Have a great day, Jenni!

jill said...

i too am going a bit bonkers waiting to see what the kit will include!! pretty please give us another peek??