Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Billing Update
(This is only for original Feb. subscribers again)
We have finally gotten most of the billing done- yeah! We did another round tonight, so if you were concerned about us getting your information, you will now see a charge on your card.
E-mail (and this blog) is the only way we have to reach you, and it seems that some people literally are not getting any of our e-mails (even though we have sent them several times). It seems that some spam controls are pretty strong (and I'm not sure how else we can send them).
We only have a few left that we have not heard from, but I hate to leave anyone out who signed up and wanted the kit!
On this same note, it is possible that after the weekend we will have a few extra kits from March. We will pull from the people who signed up to start with April (first to last) to see if they would like to start with March. You will get an e-mail from us if you are one of those people (and we actually end up with kits)!
We had a beautiful day here - almost 70 again! The kids played outside until dark. My wonderful neighbor Ruth knew I was here by myself (Jared was on a sales trip today, but is back now) and she brought me over some dinner! It was really the sweetest thing - and delicious! She has been a life saver for me this month. The woman is an efficient machine! I would send over 30 spools of ribbon and she'd bring it back to me an hour later! I couldn't have gotten through this month without her. Also had some great local store girls help me out one night this week. I'm finally getting into a routine (I hope)!
Have a great night!
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laura vegas said...

so nice that you have wonderful people to help you out with everything! i do all my own kits for the classes i teach at my lss ... and i know how much work is involved! i know i'm too far away ... but i'd help you "kit" anyday! lol!

Anonymous said...

My poor Mom!!! I came home from work yesterday and there was a Priority box in my front door!!! I got so excited. Of course, I know your kit does not ship until the 10th, but I still got excited. . . until I got closer and realized (despite common sense trying to prevail) that it was only a box from my Mom!!! Anxiously awaiting my March kit!!! (and don't worry, I made sure my Mom still knew I appreciated her box as well!!)

Jann said...

Jenni: I am so glad you have some sweet folks around you supporting you. Hang in is TOTALLY going to be worth it. Get some rest...and Thank you for all the work you do on our behalf!


Anonymous said...

HI, I LOVE your kits!

I wanted to sign up...But when I tried...I got all this strange stuff on the screen..

Are you having trouble with the sign up page?

Thanks..and I can't wait to sign up!


Anonymous said...

WOW Jenni, Just checked out the site with all the pages ideas...I can hardly wait to get my hands on the kit. I hope it comes tomorrow on the 11th like it did last month. It was fun to have the kit come on a Saturday....I am SO loving your kits. You are doing a wonderfully exceptional job. Keep it up...I can already can hardly wait til next month!! LOL --Louise

fay said...

how are we supposed to know the password for the monthly kit. fay

Jann said...

IT's HERE! I LOVE that I live in the same town as you! It is so beautiful....I am so excited to sit down and play!

I know folks are going to be "green and brown" with envy~ *smile*

Just happy, happy, happy!

vegasandvenice said...

I received my delightful package on Monday and I could not be happier! Your taste is absolutely fabulous and I can not wait to see next months previews. I am addicted!

Best Wishes!