Saturday, March 04, 2006

Billing E-mail (for subscribers that started in Feb. only)
My webguy had some computer issues last night, so these are going out this morning (lets say early afternoon) to those of you who have not received it.
Just a couple of reminders - some I posted already.
- be sure to use your e-mail address that you processed through Paypal with last month. That is the e-mail we have for you and the system will not recognize you as a subscriber without using that. We can change that e-mail for you later if you would like to.
- YAHOO and AOL addresss - (and a few others) are putting our e-mails in the spam/junk folder so be sure to check there if you do not see it. Some people have their accounts set up to delete that folder each day, so it may have even gotten to you, but got deleted. It is my understanding that you have to add us to your "okay" list to receive the e-mails in your inbox?? But what do I know about computers! Ha!
Once everything is set up in the new system (so starting next month), we will mass bill all of the members on the 5th as stated on the site. We will most likely still charge those people who did get the form filled out tomorrow, but not everyone will be billed on the 5th this month. It will span out for a couple of days after that I am sure (again, this only applies to people who started their membership in Feb).
That's it for today (this morning anyway)!!
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Lisa Cole said...

I got the email the first time, updated my billing info as requested, but yet I'm getting it again because it says I didn't update it?!?

Rosemary Parker said...

I, too, updated my information earlier this week...received a confirming message that my info was updated and matched. Today...I received 2 more requests. Where did my first update go with all my CC information? I have concerns about my CC floating out there.

Please let me know.

Rosemary Parker

Kim Bolyard said...

It is Sunday morning and just wanted to let you know that I am one of those Feb subscribers and I have still not received an e-mail for billing for March kit. Is the web guy still working on it and should I just be patience for a couple more days. Thanks
Kim Bolyard