Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Paypal Cancellation (current subscribers please read)!!
We are sending out an e-mail about this (to current subscribers) in just a little while. . .

As long as you reply to the e-mail we sent last night to update your billing information, you are all set to go for March and April!! We had to cancel the subscription in Paypal so that you were not double billed. We had to move everything over to our new cart so that you are billed directly by us for now on (not Paypal).

I’m so sorry to cause alarm.
We have been passing around a stomach bug all week and last night was my turn. I am still trying to recover!
I have a few people who sent me e-mails about NOT getting a billing update e-mail last night (who thought they signed up for membership). I will check on those and get back to you as soon as possible this afternoon. Thanks so much!
For everyone else - tonight is the night to buy the March kits!! If you signed up for the newsletter e-mail, you should be seeing it come through this evening.
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Gillian Greding said...

You guys rock. I got the PAYPAL notice and then headed over here hoping there was some info on it because I was a little confused and Viola!... there was your post answering my question. Thanks for keeping on top of things!

Michelle aka Skrappergirl said...


So glad you posted this!!! I answered your e-mail this morning and this afternoon got the cancellation from Paypal. I got nervous!! I can't wait to get the March KIT!!!!!!!!

Hope you are feeling better. We too have been passing the stomach bug around and last night was my turn too. It's horrible and I sympathize completly with you!!!!!

Lisa Cole said...

Will you be posting the full pics and description of the March kit tonight too??? I can't wait!!! :)

waynette said...

Should I have gotten another email after I submitted my payment info? I just want to make sure I'm signed up!