Saturday, January 21, 2006

The official unveiling!
All of the kit photos have been taken, information typed up, and sent over to our web designer. I am going to share most of the information here with you (that you will see up on the site in a few days). Here is some basic information that I have been asked ( you will see even more details on these subjects in the FAQ section in a couple of days).
1. - We are shipping internationally. The Paypal checkout will convert the dollars and automatically calculate the shipping.
2. - You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay. (you just choose to checkout without an account and enter your credit card information). If you do not want to use a credit card, you can set up an account that will come out of your back account, like a check. No other forms of payment are accepted currently. This is such an easy and very secure way to do this. Plus, this will calculate the exact shipping and will keep those costs down.
3. -Many of you have asked about a Design Team. For right now, the gallery is set up to have a section by me and a section by a guest designer (and some other surprises). I am going to run a contest, however, for the guest designer spot so stay tuned!
4. - Now, the fun stuff! See the photos and info. below on the Papercrafting kit:
The Monthly Papercrafting Kit:
This kit is offered on a membership basis (see earlier post) or on a monthly basis. When it sells out, it will not be re-ordered. Each month will have a different theme and that will be supported by an on-line gallery the goes active after the kits have shipped. The gallery is only open to kit purchasers (but the Feb. gallery will be open to all as a special preview). You can see more info. on this at the website now. So here are the photos of the February kit and the specific product list of what it includes:
Each Papercrafting Kit Contains:

- (7) 12 x 12 sheets of double sided coordinating pattern papers from SEI, American Crafts and Scenic Route
- (3) 12 x 12 sheets of Bazzill textured cardstock
- (1) sheet of red vinyl Li'l Davis Architect Letter and Number Stickers
- (1) package of Making Memories Cardstock Valentines Tags
- (1) Heidi Swapp Mega Letter "X"
- (1) Heidi Swapp Mega Letter "O"
- (1) sheet of Heidi Swapp White Butterfly Tags
- (1) package of Heidi Swapp Schizophrenic Raw Chipboard Letters
- (1) package of Heidi Swapp Ledger 2 Journaling Spots
- (1) package of Heidi Swapp Chipboard Ornament Hearts
- (1) scalloped pink circle note card
- (1) yard of ¼" pink and white striped ribbon
- (1) yard of ¼" deep red silk ribbon
- (1) small bag of crystal ultra-fine glass glitter (not for children)
- (1) silver tin filled with the following items:
o (2) Li'l Davis Valentines binder clips
o Pink tiny safety pins
o Red tiny safety pins
o (1) 2-hole red bookplate
o 7gypsies Red Arrow photo turns
o Red and pink swirled sequins
o Embossed heart sequins
o Red and blush colored acrylic rhinestones

Member Price: $27.45
Monthly Price: $29.95
There will also be a Project kit each month which is centered around a specific project(s). These will range in price (and therefore are not available for membership rates) and styles (layouts, mini-books, etc.) You will recieve the pieces needed to produce the specific projects (which will be available to you for download once purchased). More about this one on Monday with a preview!!
Those of you who will be attending CHA: send me a note through the contact link on the website by this Friday, the 27th. Be sure to include your e-mail and which kit (or both) that you would like to register for on the 1st. I will make a list and send you a note that Friday about how to do so. Thanks so much for your e-mails!
Think that's all for now (isn't that enough)? Oh, and yes, the guest designer for Feb. is Faye Morrow Bell. Doesn't Tyler look just like her?
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Kim U said...

Jenni, it looks gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pictures, I can't wait.

melissa said...

Everything in the kit looks awesome can't wait to get it!! I am dying to know where I can find those pins with the pink and red hearts at the end. Any ideas? If so, can you post it? (if it is not top secret!!!)Thanks!!!

Missy_G said...

The kit looks very cool! Can’t wait to the 1st! Thanks for sharing!

margie said...

I am sooooo loving this! Totally want! Right up my alley!

joanne said...

Oh Jenni! I am beside myself with how you just displayed everything!! Love it!! thanks for responding so quickly to my question! I'll email back before the 27th!!

Amanda said...

Oh I cannot wait! I love everything. Thanks for the great pictures; the display is gorgeous too.

marlo said...

I Can't Wait!!!!!

Sarah said...

This looks FABULOUS! Can't wait until they're available!!!

fay said...

it looks wonderful. i can't wait to get it

sally said...

this kit is so cute! i can't wait for it to come out. will definitly purchase the kit.

Lori said...

Love it!


Tracy K said...

Goodness this is an adorable kit! I will be ordering for sure.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kit. And Faye is AWESOME! So fun. :)

Robyn said...

So awesome Jenni! Fabulous kit! Count me in!! I'll email you Monday - I want to see the other kit too! It is awesome though - so excited for you!!! (And for me to get it! LOL!) hugs!

Valerie said...

Jenni, all these goodies like so much fun to play with!! So exciting!!

lee woodside said...

Oh Jenni how beautiful is that kit!! Just gorgeous.

Jana said...

Oh how fun!!!!

Court said...

Just beautiful Jenni, of course who would expect anything less from you! So excited for this kit club, the 1st one I've ever wanted to join :)


Carrie said...

Jenni - That looks so freaking awesome!!! I must have. :)

Joanna Bolick said...

Oh, Jenny, you are gooooood at marketing!! I love the way this awesome kit is displayed! I have to confess that I thought at first that the antique frog (for flowers) was part of the kit! Hee hee! I'm a dork! This looks FAB!!

Fiona Carter said...

Jenni, this kit looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Fiona

Nicole said...

Amazing! I am so completely excited for your kit sign ups!! Seriously I have thinking nonstop about it. And your theme makes me want to fall in love with my DH alllll over again. :O)

Randell said...

Your kit looks awesome! I will have to tell others of it as well! Signed up for youre-mail of when it will be ready.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

oh my! u are totally tempting me Jenni! :)

Dawn said...

Ooooh, I am so excited about your first kit! I have never signed up for one of these kit memberships, but for you, I may make the exception! :) Thanks for the sneak preview.

Anonymous said...

lovin this kit!!noticed that the stick pens with hearts at the end weren't in the it possible they will be in the other kit? if not,please tell me where you got them.( are so adorable.

BBC said...

I am VERY nervous and stressed out now that I've seen the whole kit. I really hope I can type fast enough to sign up for one when it finally is available. Is there a limited number of kits available or are you waiting to see how many people buy a subscription before placing the order? OH, PLEASE let me get a sub in time. I REALLY hope this is not like signing up for CKU! PLEASE!!!

BBC, who adores everything Jenni Bowlin

Jennie said...

I'm so glad you are taking international orders! I love the way you have presented the kit in those photos. Looks like a sweetie shop! I'm at CHA in LV, so I assume I can let you know in advance that I want to subscribe. Off to your site to see where to e-mail on 27th. I'm leaving UK on 27th, so I hope I ahve time on that day.

Anonymous said...

I am so in on this for the long haul! I love your style and this kit is beautiful!!!!!!!! Hope you have lots of these!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

love your projects and kits!! can't wait..just curious..when you're looking through ebay and find your unique items (receipt holder, are you just looking under antiques or how do you find those things..also wondered what are the little holders called that you use to hold your paper pieces?(they look like metal grass on metal stands) really cute! have a great day, and can't wait for 2/1. mary b

Cindy said...

Wonderful kit! I love it and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

BonnieRose said...

Jenni.. thks for your post on my 'scrapbookmusings' blog... did you know I have a link for your studio and your blog on my blog, ????
You left a msge on my scrapbookmusings.blogspot blog....

I have 2, man am I ever addicted...
You rock gf. I sent you an email. re your kits.. I want them both! plse plse plse!!!

they are gorgeous!

love bonnie in MN