Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Glamour Shot

Isn't she lovely?? You will get this sweet tin filled with what you see here (arrow photo turns, blush and red rhinestones, printed binder clips, a red bookplate, 1/4" (my new favorite size) pink striped ribbon and deep red silk ribbon, AND these awesome swirly sequins (and super cool embossed heart sequins that you can't see in the photo). This comes with the Papercrafting Kit.

I have been spending some time taking photos today for the website (getting ready for the big day)! I am going to try and post something everyday (or two) until the first. The photos, info. etc, will be up on the website before the 1st so that you can understand the payment process, membership information, see exactly what your getting, etc. I'm just not sure which day that will be yet. I will keep you posted here. AND . . . I will leak much of the information right here as well!

We have set up the process to be very simple and straight forward (we think)! There is a membership price and a monthly price. Plain and simple, right? The Monthly Papercrafting Kit will be available on a membership basis for $27.45. All this means is that you agree to purchase 3 consecutive months of kits at this price (and therefore are guaranteed a kit for each of these months). If you do not want to commit to the three months, than you can just purchase the kit for that month at $29.95. These kits will only be offered until they sell out.

The Monthly Project Kit will only be available at a monthly rate because the price will vary from month to month. This month's kit will be $16.50. You can add this to your Papercrafting kit at checkout (or to your subscription before its billed) and not pay any extra shipping. We plan to keep the Project Kits in stock and archived until products are no longer available. They may sell out initially but we will make every effort to re-stock them immediately.

Much more to come this week. Details, details, details!

P.S. - many of the local girls asked where I antique (or for ebay contacts). I love the Franklin area - Heritage Antique Mall is a good one. I got the black table in my office there. As far as ebay goes, I have never noticed one particular buyer. I always do searches for key words (like apothecary jars). The key, unfortunately, is to be there everyday. That is really how you come across the cool stuff!

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Fiona Carter said...

What a perfect "glamour shot", just gorgeous! So looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture to make us drool! Can't wait! Blessings, The local Tammy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's all coming together. So fun!

Jen Gallacher :)

Jeanette said...

I'm looking forward to the day when these kits go on sale! In the meantime, I'll enjoy looking at the glamour shots!

Kristina said...

Oooh, thanks for the picture, Jenni! Can't wait to see more! I'm so excited about this new venture you're taking! I know it will be a HUGE success! Oh and about antiques - I just LOVE the Franklin area and miss it so much! I hope to move back there one day! It's such a great city with A LOT of awesome antique stores!

Kellidarrsuperstar said...

Oh- mY GoOdNeSs! I Can't wait for my "glamour shots!" Is it February yet?

kellidarr said...

that was I can't wait for MORE not my. yikes. I would be scary if I had any more kids. then I would have NO brain cells!

Jennie said...

That tin of goodies looks just like a tin of swets. I want one!!

Jennie said...

Sorry I meant Sweets!!

fay said...

i am one of the local girls who wanted to know where you went looking for antiques. i went to
rawlings near scrap it and found
1921 miniture milk cream bottles that were in a metal crate. there were 18 glass bottles that had black rubber stoppers in them. I keep thinking of things to put it them. I also got a carpenter's box that i found at the flea market and i have all my basic grey
chipboard alphabets and shapes, etc
in it. fay copeland

lisamcg said...

Very excited about this kit club. I have some questions. What is the main difference between the two kits? Is one larger than the other? Does the project of the month focus on one "project" and the supplies to make that project? Does the papercrafting kit come with a larger scope - more supplies, more possiblities? I'm just trying to find out the difference between the two and which one would be more ideal for me.

Thanks Jeni. :)


doris said...

WOW jenni! that photos really drawing me in . . . :D

Kelly Goree said...

Oh Jenni! As a Former Nashville gal, I totally agree on Franklin's wonderful stores as "the" place to find great stuff! It's one of the things I miss the most now that I've moved away.

Huge congrats on you new kit club! I might have to finally take the kit plunge! :)