Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Kits premiering tonight!!!

You may have figured out that this month's Papercrafting Kit would include the new paper and hence that color scheme- here is another small hint of the other goodies as well! You can see a little peek of our new Chalkboard Alpha stickers in Brown and one of our new Rub-Ons - Tiny Trims. You will have to wait until tonight to see the full photo which will include my favorite new JBS product for CHA - Die Cut Journaling Card Shapes!!

This is a peek at the Project Kit this month. I had my felt flowers cut in a deep rose for this (exclusive to this kit). In case you can't tell this is a magnetic board (you will get the blank board and all of the goodies to make the magnets - lots of vintage product)!!

This is the Vintage Hodge Podge Book I promised. When these go out of stock I will collect more of the same type of things and re-stock them. So. . . I hope to have them in stock continually, but each time they will be a little different depending on what I find. This one features an old calendar page for the base (backed with fabulous vintage gold wallpaper), bingo card, flash card, old postcard (most dated before 1930), a small old key, etc. etc. . . I can't get enough of this "hodge podge" idea!! You will find this here under Limited Edition Kits tonight.

This little guy has been a post-it note sketch on my desk for ages!! It only measures about 1.75" x 1.75" (the book itself, key is larger). Just a tiny little brag book to give as a gift or to tie to your key holder or purse! This can also be found under Limited Edition Kits.

And finally, a new addition to the Boutique! A new ring featuring a vintage mother of pearl button base and a vintage black carved floral cabochon. Very elegant!! Very few of these will be available.

Everything will go on sale tonight at 12:00a.m. central time zone!

And now for a few other notes. . .

Thanks SO VERY MUCH for all of the comments on the paper line and other general well wishes. As I'm sure you all know, creating is very personal so having something you create be accepted and praised is a feeling like no other. We are so excited to get to show and to really give this company a good introduction. It is a family affair for us as it is for so many people in this industry. Things are getting really crazy around here!! Please come by and say hello if you are coming!!!

And, to our wholesale customers, the new catalog and order form will be available for download tomorrow (and on-line ordering will be ready to go as well). We will begin shipping Tuesday, shipping up until the day we leave for show, picking back up the day we get back!! All product is in house- yeah!! I always hated to get excited at show over something and then have to wait (sometimes for month's) to play with it so I guess I made a conscious effort to have everything ready.

More product previews each day as we get ready to head to Anaheim!!

(Blogger just locked up on me- sorry there is no picture of the Add-On kit. It has lots of vintage stuff and includes a bag of "art parts" from Nunn Designs with TONS of tiny metal goodies in it- some I have never seen offered alone. It has a retail value of easily over $20 itself!!!)

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

As promised. . . the beginning of the previews. This is "Tangerine Dream", my new paper line.
More surprises to come soon . . .when I catch my breath!!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CHA preparations. . .

If I have been a little absent here lately it's because we are busily preparing to attend our first CHA as an exhibitor. It is a bit tricky getting everything lined up and keeping all of the details straight as you can imagine. I am planning on posting some previews of product beginning Friday, but for now, here is a little peek at some of the display boards I have been working on. I have literally been collecting things for this booth for 9 months - I am a little obsessed with it I must say!! Jared's Dad and Brother built our "walls" and they are beautiful. They did a fantastic job and it was such a blessing to have their talents available to us. They even built our shipping crates.

More soon I promise!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

A Mid-Month Introduction

I ran out of time before Christmas in getting everything ready for January (plus found more things in my "vintage" closet that I had been hoarding!) and thus had to do this mid month introduction instead. It is this FABULOUS vintage valentine papercrafting box-o-stuff and includes so many great things. My favorites are the vintage Dennison Crepe paper, the vintage feedsack with a toile print and the embroidered french number trim. I keep staring at everything - I haven't been able to dig in yet (any fellow hoarders out there)??

So, these are live at the site right now! You can find them here.

Also, if you know of anyone who was on the fence over this month's Papercrafting Kit, I am down to the last 8!

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spooky . . .

I'm watching Ghost Hunters right now on Sci Fi. They are investigating the Leap Castle in Ireland and it is getting a little nerve racking. Ghost Hunters is my guilty little pleasure. Noah has a love/hate relationship with it. He won't watch it at night, but otherwise he's game. He's really the one that turned me on to it. His Aunt Missy got him "The Best Of . . ." DVD for Christmas. They had a live version on at Halloween. We were pretty excited to watch but you realize pretty quickly that most of the time it's pretty boring- you get to see the result of 10 hours of footage, etc. in the 30 minute series. Not so fun to sit through the 10 hours yourself! Anybody else watch this?? Did you ever see Lullaby Lane in San Fransisco?? "There's no Jean here! There's no Jean here!" ha!!

Noah wants a shirt that says "Ghosts were people too". Anyone know where I can get one??

And in case you were wondering if this was scrapbook related- I need the shirt to take the picture to do the page. You know how it works!!
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