Monday, May 31, 2010

June is almost here. . .
And as promised, it's gonna be a big one!!!
Here's a peek at the bright and sunny Papercrafting Kit including kit exclusives like the yellow Kindergarten Alpha Stickers (yummy!!!). . .

Here's a look inside at the sweet Project Kit with the palest of blue's (featuring the new JBS Beach Mini Bingo Cards and more)! . . .

In honor of the newest JBS line featured in the Papercrafting Kit, "Play Date", we have an Add-On kit full of vintage playtime embellishments including some great XL crate labels and mini wanted posters!!

And introducing a new quarterly kit we are fondly calling the Mercantile "Dime Store" Kit. Each quarter this kit will be packed with classic JBS products at a special price - 25% off of the total retail value! And. . .best of all, it comes with a project idea and basic instructions to get you started. Find this kit in the Limited Edition Kit section at the site.

I'm not through yet. . .

We also have tonight a very limited number of these wonderful Vintage July 4th Crafting Kits. . .

Vintage Folding Rulers (perfect for photo display). . .

Vintage Royal Exercise Booklets filled with approx. 20 wonderfully aged lined pages, never used. . .

Vintage Medicine Tins with paper lid inserts, perfect for customizing (see my example) and ready to hold all of your tiny treasures (unused stock). . .

And finally the new 7gypsies Receipt Holder - you need one of these, trust me!! They come with a chain to hang horizontally but I like mine propted up vertically, simply to hold my most inspiring treasures, changing with the seasons!

Whew. . .I'm tired! Now I have to go and load all of this stuff! Midnight tonight, central time zone!

And guess what? More fun stuff coming mid-month including some new jewelry kits. Stay tuned!!!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess what I found. . .
A handful (and I mean 1 hand!) of both the sold out Papercrafting Kits and Project Kits for this month!!! I just put them back up for sale so if you wanted one nows your chance!!

We are going to have a HUGE June!! Between the 1st and the mid-month release we will be introducing a new Mercantile Quarterly Kit, new Vintage Items in limited quantities (including one-ups of some cool vintage storage items), Limited Edition Kits, Junque Box Re-Stock, a new 7gypsies tray and new Jewelry Kits!
Check back on Monday for the specifics - I'm taking photos today!!!

Oh. . .and an announcement coming very soon of a new partnership between JBS and another amazing company in the industry that I know all of you will be just as excited about as I am!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! My first baby boy is turning 12 - I can't believe it.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Scarlett . . .
Isaiah 1:18 - Though your sins are like Scarlett, I will make them as white as snow.
She was named after Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind but Jared reminded me of this verse in the bible. So appropriate I thought.
He only agreed to the name so he could call her "Scar".
We already adore her (and have forgiven her for the two accidents on the only two rugs I have in this house full of hardwood)!

How could you not love a face like that?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Event Just Posted. . .

I am going to be in Charleston, SC (I know, they had to twist my arm!) in early August for this fun event. I will be teaching 3 classes (the Road Trip class will be premiering at this event). I will post more photos here than they have on the website once I get my F drive back (uggh- still waiting)!

I will be in Maryland in June and in Texas in July. More on those events next week.

And. . .we are hearing the pitter patter of little feet around here (well actually, they are pretty big feet!!). Yep - its a new puppy! Photos to come this weekend!!!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchen Details. . .
I may not have all of the boxes unpacked and everything put away, but darn it, my kitchen shelves are nice and tidy! I spent hours, adding this and that, walking away, taking a look, moving this to here. . .I had to have everything just so.
Part of my Steak and Shake and Krystal Mug Collection (would you believe I have never had a "Krystal")!
The original cans - with the corn still in there (just where it will stay)!
My French bottle dryer - holding all of my mugs and tea cups (because we drink so much of both. . .at least they will get used when my in-laws come to visit)!
The right side of the sink - where my old store menu sits. The shelves were designed around it so I guess it will have to stay there for eternity!

My "pop" glass collection. Love the graphics - any thing with cool graphics and typography. I have to have it.

Headed to Inspired in an hour or two. Hope to see you there!! Remember, if you are in the Charlotte area and not attending the event, you can still come and shop. The market fair starts at noon tomorrow (Thursday) and goes through Saturday. We have tons of great vintage finds as well as the JBS line. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hello Playdate!

Just a part of our May release from JBS (up for sale now on the wholesale website - official newsletter will go out tonight to retailers). We also have new rub-ons and stickers - look for more previews this week!! Here are a few close-ups below. . .

And. . . Don't forget to check out the Where Women Create website again! There's alot of new stuff up (I will be highlighted this month under the "ICreate" tab) and don't forget about the event in September - Creative Connection!! There's still plenty of time to sign up. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind event.

As you know, most of middle TN became a river this past weekend. While we were sparred little more than some damage to our driveway, many others were not. Please keep our middle TN neighbors in your prayers as they attempt to recover from the devastation left behind in such a short period of time.

Still digging out - I am NEVER moving again!!

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