Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something to tide you over. . .
Be checking the Inspiration Blog for kit previews from Doris!! Since I will be at CHA, I won't be able to post here like I do the night before. I do have a quick tease however of the Project Kit (which I am in love with and am already planning a Christmas version) and a layout I did with some of the new JBS product that will be in the Papercrafting Kit!!

Here is the Project Kit tease:

And here is a fresh layout (I LOVE these new Rub-On Singles!!!!!!):

And. . . this was flea market weekend and I found some treasures!! Here are a few:

This is for our booth (shoving it in the suitcase!)

Cute little advertising notebooks (oh these make me so happy!)

An old paste necklace and small antique tintype album, still with it's working clasp.
Packing up, getting last minute things ready! We are taking the kids with us this time. My mom is going to meet us in Orlando and keep the kids busy at Disney while we are at show. My house is chaotic at the moment, but nobody knows anything else these days!
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well it's about time!!

I have been home for a whole 4 days in a row! Really - I can't believe it!
Destin was fabulous. After shedding a tear or two the first day when they predicted rain all week (thank goodness meteorologists don't always get it right) and the pool was shut down (which never re-opened) I spent several blissful days with my toes in the white sand reading Twilight (yes I know - I'm so behind. And. . .I didn't even finish it. Everyone I talk to says they read it in one sitting. I am really not a reader, even though I want to be)!!
Here is a sweet photo I took one night of my cutie nephew and Christian and Noah. I could just eat them up - all 3! It was fun to get the dust off my camera.

For now though, it is back to reality as we are getting ready to head to the CHA show in Orlando in one week. We have more than 40 new products! I will post a full preview here soon (and Doris and the girls will be having some fun on the Inspiration Blog) but for now, see if you can spot the new product here:

(and its not the vegetable pill labels - those are truly old). . .

and here:

and if you want to see this layout in full check out the Fiskars site here. May was sweet enough to ask me to participate in Summer School!!

And, by the way, I have been meaning to post about a super cute magnet project Terri O did on her website. Click here.

More peeks coming soon! I'm so excited!!!

(oh- I put up a few more Project Kits this month MINUS the Prima Flowers. If you have a flower stash you can just use some of your own. There are only 8 of these available).

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Off again- what a crazy summer!

Before I head out of town once more I wanted to give you a little inspiration! Here is one more hint towards my Big Picure Class that started this week (Tuesday is the last day to register)!! See the link to the right:

And. . . don't fall over, but I actually got something done for the gallery this month at Mercantile! Here is a preview (gallery is fully loaded at this moment with some awesome stuff! I keep pinching myself that this is MY design team! P.S. - there are only about 10 of these kits left)!

Have a great 4th of July (I can hear the sky booming as I type this)! And thank you to all of the military families out there who make sacrifices each day to keep us safe. God bless!!
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