Thursday, April 30, 2009

May is here!!

Some quick sneaks below - Doris has taken over the picture taking and did a MARVELOUS job!! Makes me want to grab a kit and its already sitting on my desk!!

Here are the Papercrafting Kit sneaks. . .

And the Project Kit (we will be making these adorable birthday hats out of the new Birthday Bingo Card set)!!
And the mouth-watering Add-On kit (some really wonderful vintage goodies in here) . . .

12:00 midnight tonight (central time)!!
I am bursting at the seams with secrets!! We are going to start a countdown to the new retail site in mid-May (a top 10 changes countdown) that will begin with the reveal of our new retail name and logo!
Check out the Inspiration Blog if you haven't been already. Some AWESOME stuff over there. You will see that we have added Keisha Campbell and Lisa Dickinson to our Design Team and I couldn't be happier. They will both bring a unique twist to the gallery each month (and to JBS wholesale).
Looking forward to meeting many of you this weekend in Atlanta at the Scrap Etc. event and at Inspired next week. We are packing kits and getting ready to head out!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new workspace

For months now I have been working on the tiny vanity in the guest bedroom with a computer screen meant for an occasional e-mail check or websurf, not the everyday Photoshop rituals and proofing that this girl has reluctantly found to be part of the everyday. I have finally come to the realization that our timing to sell this house may not be "the right time" and thus have decided it's time to "live" in my own house again! I moved to the sitting room in our bedroom to the roomy old principals desk that has become one of my most favorite pieces and added a new large screen where I can actually see the details in the papers and such that I proof everyday!

Of course I had to make it comfortable which for me meant bringing in the "old" along with the new.

An old transferware toothpick holder holds my pencils and these are soooo cool! They are by Zebra. I got them at Staples. They are made to look like a pencil - have the #2 and everything on it, but they are black instead AND mechanical!! A tarnished silver trophy cup holds my pens and the paper holder came from Target. The old photo of my mom and piece of coral were already on the desk. I really am loving it but have decided that I need a new chair (going to look at the flea market this weekend).

Hope you are having a great week! Here is a little peek by the way of our new line coming May 1st - Front Porch!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As seen on my refrigerator. . .

Noah brought this art project home yesterday and literally tossed it in my office and ran out. When I called him back in to praise him he of course told me it wasn't really good and he was just going to throw it away. I think he's used to seeing his brother get all of the praise and recognition when it comes to art. Of course his brother is pretty much immersed in it all of the time. Noah on the other hand has never had much interest but I definitely saw something in this so I wrote this note and stuck it on the fridge. I wonder if he will notice it today?

I have been writing for my Big Picture class recently about this subject and I thought I would share a little with you. Although my parents were not creative people, they did nurture that side of me. My mom found a lady down the street to teach me cross stitch when I was in 5th grade and my Dad proudly displayed everything I made him in his office (after 34 years, everything is still there, like a little museum of my earlier works)! It's so important for children to be praised for what they have a true interest in, regardless if we have that interest in common. My husband is a great example of that. Although he hoped for at least one boy to coach in baseball, etc., he ended up with 2 boys who really have no interest in organized sports. He is their biggest cheerleader though and daily finds other ways to connect with them, which usually means he takes the mic on Rock Band!!

Happy Tuesday!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quick check in. . .

Just wanted to give you at least a little something to look at. I have been so busy, lots going on (lots of secrets I hope to tell soon -I am NOT good at this). I am deep into my Big Picture class preparation. I'm going to get the blinkie up next week here and I will start posting regularly about what you can expect from the class. Each week I work on it the more excited I get (and I keep changing my syllabus - I can't stop adding things. Don't want to leave anything out)!

I got a layout done for the gallery, you may have seen it in the newsletter (I gave the newsletter a new look too - told you I've been busy)! I used the die cut paper as a mask with an orange ink pad. It made for a fun background that was super easy. I'm telling you - this is a fun kit! Check out the inspiration blog to the right for another gallery preview from Doris.

Happy Easter!

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