Saturday, May 31, 2008

Website Down
It's about 15 minutes after midnight and not a single order has come through so there is obviously something wrong with the site. Everything looks okay on my end as far as what I do every month so I unfortunately I can't fix it on my own. I have notified my webguy but it will likely be later tomorrow before I am able to get a hold of him, if not Monday. So. . . I will post here when it is fixed and I will also send out a newsletter. It is storming very bad here and I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!
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June Kits Available Tonight (and lots of new product)!

(FYI - I'm not sure if you will see the new photos on the home page at midnight, but rest assured all of the new products will be there when you click on shop. Also, I am getting an error when I click on "New Products". If you get this as well just hit back and go directly to the individual Product Categories to shop. "New Products" just makes it easier, but for some reason it isn't working tonight and I won't be able to get a hold of my webguy until tomorrow)

A little peek at the Papercrafting Kit which includes Brand New Cosmo Cricket double sided paper (I couldn't pass on something bright for June but it still has that vintag-y feel)!

Aren't these lovely?? They are making me happy right now in my small ironstone pitcher (you could string yours into a garland though). I read once that something like 90% of the world's flags use red and blue (don't quote me on that - but it's alot)! So. . . hopefully overseas crafters can sub their flag for ours. Lot's of vintage stuff here. . .

And. . . this month's Add-On kit. The chipboard letters shown are from last month's PCK. They will actually be brand new Red Glitter Chipboard Thickers from American Crafts (so new I didn't have one in time for the photos, but will have them in time to ship)! A Red Slick Writer to write on the clear label stickers and some vintage things including that FABULOUS old Liberty Label and sweet illustrated music page from the 40's.

Also, all JBS Rubber Stamps are back in stock!!! They have been out of stock (all but one) for month's now so if you have been waiting, now's your chance.

And finally, the entire Trendy Line and the 3 new JBS Chipboard Shapes are available for individual sale beginning tonight. Part of this introduction also includes 2 Project Kits - a Baby Boy Mini Book and a Baby Girl Mini Book. The Girl Version is shown below. They come with full instructions and all you need to make the book! Find all of these under "New Products" of JBS Exclusive Products.

See you tonight (12:00 midnight, central time)!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mid-Month Instructions and Summer Classes!!

Instructions are now up for the mid-month kits. You will find these in the May gallery under the Limited Edition gallery (again, I'm sorry for the delay there)!

I wanted to also let those of you know who live in the Phoenix area or the Baltimore area about a class I am teaching in June. Here is a little preview:

I have been collecting old bottles for months now (see first photo)!

So. . . I will be at Melrose Vintage in Phoenix on Saturday June 14th beginning at 7:00. The phone number to the store is 602-636-0300 . I know they have a couple of spaces left. You can Google the store name and see photos of this FABULOUS store on various blogs, but they do not have a website.

I will also be at The Queens Ink near Baltimore, MD on Thursday June 26th from 6-9. Just click on the link above as they do have a website and all of the info. is there under June's calendar. I have known Patti for years and I am so excited to be back there again.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We went hiking today (TN has the most fabulous state parks) and ran the last mile out to avoid a storm. All is well now however and we are safe and sound at home! Thanks to all of the families who are serving and have served in our Armed Forces (including my Dad who served two tours in Vietnam). Your sacrifices are big and do not go unnoticed. I am truly thankful!!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Limited Edition Kit Instructions. . .

Just a quick note to let you know that I did indeed try to load the instructions for the Father's Day and Hodge Podge 2 Kits on Friday but they were uploading changes to this part of my admin and I keep running into errors. So. . . I expect that this will be fixed sometime tomorrow. I will post here when it is. Again, I'm sorry for the delay on this. I certainly like to have these posted just as the boxes are hitting your front porch!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

everything I love in one place. . .

Old bottles, brown transferware, and an old battery jar holding a flower branch cut from our property yesterday. . .

And the flea market is this weekend- oh happy day!!

Instructions for the mid-month kits will be in the gallery by tomorrow night (I'm sorry for the delay).

Look for a post this weekend about my summer classes in Phoenix and Baltimore!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the winners are. . .
#1 - Carey P.
#15 - Jenny
#181 - Jessica C (A Little Creative Oasis blog)
These girls get the yard sale SWAG! Just send us a note with your addy this week to and we will get your boxes out to you!
Thanks for playing!!
Another post coming this week with some previews of my Phoenix and Baltimore classes this summer!
And. . .some photos of my flea market scores from Atlanta this past weekend!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mid-Month New Stuff!!

New Hodge Podge Book Kit, as promised. Not a ton of these again, but I will do another version as soon as I collect more stuff. These can be found under Limited Edition Kits. And so can this. . .
I found these button cards at the flea market last month and picked up all he had. They are a little rough but still so very cool (I took off the buttons that were taped to the bottom frame where the title is). There is a mini accordion book inside - check the site tonight for more photos.
And for those of you who missed the Add-On kit guess what I have?!?!? Blue Horse notebooks with approx. 8 pages each. These can be found under JBS Exclusive Products(Other).
Also under in the Other category are these SWEET die cuts. I just picked them up this morning from my new friend Lisa. They are pretty amazing and very old (many of them are from the Victorian era- these are the things you find pasted in the old scrapbooks). My favorites are the little girl with the bouquet (a placecard or calling card I think) and the tiny witch. Just to give you the scale, the largest is almost 3" and the tiny witch is about 1". You will see some of these (and other's) popping up in future projects. You get a glassine envelope filled with one of each shown (9).

Don't these look familiar? After getting numerous e-mails over the past two years about them, I decided to do an embellishment tin filled with all of the best colors! You will find the Butterfly Sequin Embellishment Tin under JBS Exclusive Products, Vintage Embellishment Tins.

Also there you will find a Vintage Milk Cap Embellishment Tin. My collection is growing so I have decided to share!

Everything goes on sale tonight at 9:00 central time. I will also have a few of this month's kits to put back up for sale (just a couple)!

And now for the giveaways!! I have put together 3 boxes of embellishments, old books, vintage stuff, etc. from the "Yard Sale". 1 box each for 3 lucky people. Just post a comment here and Noah will choose randomly 3 numbers from the total number of posts that come through by Monday afternoon. If you aren't comfortable leaving an e-mail address, we will post the winners here Monday night and you can contact us with the info. (so check back Monday)!

I know I'm forgetting something???? I bet I will have to edit!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Blog coming tomorrow. . .
Be sure to check back by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday the 15th) for new mid-month introduction previews (on sale tomorrow night) and a giveaway opportunity (and who doesn't love that?)!
The gallery is up for this month as well. Here is a little sample:
And. . . I forgot to introduce Rita Weiss officially here last month. She will be doing the Monthly Technique gallery for now on and has already done an INCREDIBLE job! You will see her gallery up in a few days- we had a little mishap at the Post Office this month with her kit (that never happens, eh?). Happy Wednesday!
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yard Sale!

Because Ruth and I are gluttons for punishment, we have decided to have our annual yard sale this weekend (in the midst of shipping the kits, new product to retailers, etc.)!

So, if you are local and want to come by Friday or Saturday - we will be there! As you can imagine, even when we sell out of kits each month we still end up with pieces and parts left over. So. . . we have tons of scrapbook stuff plus some antique/vintage items I'm purging. Etc., Etc. . .

If you want directions, just send a note through the contact link at the website and Ruth will forward them to you.

And. . .just like last year, I will post a few goodie giveaways after the sale here so check back!
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