Friday, February 29, 2008

New Kits Tonight!!!
(betcha thought I forgot)!
(edited- sorry guys! I hit the live button and walked away right at midnight for the Papercrafting Kit but forgot to hit save apparently. Anyhow, it is there for purchase now (as of about 12:18 I guess). If you ordered before this and want to place another order tonight for the Papercrafting Kit so you don't miss it please do that and then send us a note and we will combine your orders for you and refund the extra shipping. Sorry for the trouble!)

Blue and Gold is my new favorite color combo! I'm not much on lavender and aqua so this is my version of a "Spring" kit!! Lots of new product here. I had to work very closely with a few companies and pay for some overnight shipping to get some of these things in - but here they are! Fresh from show!! Can you see the new XL Glitter Dots in the right hand bottom corner (and as flower centers)?? A little warning- I do not have many of these available over the reserved membership base this month. I expect to sell out the first day (sorry)!

I love how this turned out!!! This is the project kit. It is a really large 4 panel accordion display. You get enough of everything to complete both sides (and basically repeat the patterns on the front). I only completed the front as mine will rest on my mantel. It certainly has a vintagy, springy feel to it (I love this brand new paper from My Minds Eye). I stared at the wonderful silver butterfly that Jen Pebbles had made for the booth at show and decided the same thing would be perfect on this as well (we will be using fine German glass glitter). I used photos from the women in my family and wrote cute little captions for each related to our names. You get a sheet of old notebook paper to write your own. I really enjoyed making this!

Here is a little peek at the add-on kit - lots of new stuff here including new My Minds Eye paper and embellishments and those AMAZING ruffled button velvet flowers from Maya Road (you get two blue - other colors will be coming in future projects)! Check out the fabulous sheer butterfly book from them as well and the large outline damask rubber stamp from Savvy Stamps!

There are no vintage kits or boutique items this month BUT there will be tons of new JBS product available in the shop. Just check on the New tab to see everything!! I also have some fun news to share about the Gallery this month - look for that this week!

Everything will be available tonight, Feb. 29th beginning at 12:00 midnight central time

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Short and Sweet

(this is the "Sweet" - some of my flea market finds from this weekend. Still planning on some custom jewelry pieces!)

This is the "Short" - I am so crazy this week but will post more in a few days- promise!!

(P.S. - thanks so much for all of the great CHA comments- I loved reading each and every one and peeking at some of the links. I love you all so very much)!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008


We did it! I kind of feel like I gave birth to another baby (except this was much more exhausting)!! Here is a photo of my "cluttered" booth - just the way I like it I suppose. I really had alot of self doubt the night before the show opened but Jared kept reassuring me that all I could do was be "me" - and boy is this me! I try to keep things simple in my home (and my life for that matter) but something else always finds its way on that shelf, or in that cabinet with every flea market trip. I tell myself "no more" but it doesn't seem to work.

I had high hopes this time of taking lots of photos. I have so many friends in this industry (and made a lot of new ones!) that I really would like to have proof of that someday. Alas, all I came home with were 4 photos. So. . . if you have a photo you took or know of a blog where one is posted please post here with the link as I would love to hop around and see them all.

There are so many amazing people in this industry. I thoroughly enjoy getting to meet and spend time with everyone. From the designers to the magazine editors and other company owners, it really feels like a family renuion a bit with each show. The icing on the cake is getting to meet many of you - blog readers, kit club members and store owners. I can't imagine a better way to connect with people all around the world - isn't that amazing? How else in my lifetime would I be able to make new friends from the Netherlands to Puerto Rico? It is all such a blessing and I found myself really reflecting on it flying home. This industry is really full of "nice" people - and I say "nice" is good. At the end of the day we are all trying to make a living and support our families but I truly belive you can do this by being decent, fair and considerate. Nice is good.

And just to give you a few quick highlights, I did get out of the booth a tad bit and found some great things on the show floor! My hands down favorite thing that I can't go on living without were a new set of felt flowers from Maya Road. I'm not sure if they meant to do this, but they are a dead ringer for the old "button" style millinery flowers that I love so much. They were almost like tiny ruffles and had pearl centers and the most DIVINE colors. I was really smitten in case you couldn't tell. Sassafrass Lass had the best paper I had seen from them yet - colors and patterns. It was a happy booth (and they are nice people over there). Nunn Design had fabulous new jewelry pieces that I feel in love so I pulled together some pieces for an April mini kit. I'm so excited about this one! I also had the privilege to meet and chat with Pam Garrison and Charlotte Lyons. I really wanted to leave and walk around with them and Rebecca Sower all day but Jared wouldn't let me (something about responsibilities and a crowded booth). The next day I came back to the booth to a wonderful surprise from Pam - so very sweet and thoughtful (I loved it Pam- thank you so very much)!

More rambling later, but here is another quick photo from the booth. I made the flowers by tracing around a 5" dish in my studio. Do this twice. Cut a slit to the center of each circle and punch a hole there with a regular sized hole punch. Fold accordion style all the way around each circle and then join both pieces with glue or a tape runner. I used old floral drapery nails used for tie-backs as my centers.
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A little inspiration. . .

Something to hold you over. . . the kits went out a little early this month, but the gallery is going to be a little later. We are leaving for show tomorrow and although I will try to at least get the project directions loaded while I am there, the other parts of the gallery will not be loaded until the 15th. Just a little heads up!!

Please come by and say hello if you are going to the show- I always enjoy meeting everyone! I am just looking forward to getting there at this point and getting settled. We are taking out kids to DisneyWorld a couple weeks after we get back and they SOOO deserve it- we have been working night and day.

Wish us luck!!

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