Friday, September 28, 2007

More quick peeks. . .

Just a few more looks at the new stuff coming Sunday night. . .

Just one of the 4 spooky ornaments (hung from fabulous black wire hangers) that make up this month's Project Kit, and. . .

the Vintage Halloween Garland (I couldn't get the crepe paper and label image to work on this, so I will have to save them for a future project)! I am in love with this orange glass glitter though and that vintage beaded flower finding. And. . .

this Victorian Calling Card Booklace Kit (with a great tarnished filigree setting just waiting for a small photo or monogram), and. . .

this one too! A Vintage Floral Tobacco Card Booklace Kit. This one is a little smaller and features a coordinating vintage glass pendant and wonderful vintage gold bird charm.

All 3 of the previous kits are very limited in quantity and can be found under Limited Edition Kits. I will try to re-stock the Booklace Kits as I found more materials over time.

And finally. . .

one last peek into the Papercrafting Kit. These new memo "sheers" are brand new from Maya Road!!

Oh. . .almost forgot the Add-On Kit:

See you Sunday night (all go live at midnight, central time)!!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I worked for about 15 hours straight on Saturday (about another 15 on Sunday and Monday) and it is finally remodeled, mopped, cleaned out, and dusted. So clean and neat that I'm afraid to work in there! I took a ton of detail pictures and will post some consistently in the next couple of weeks (and load them to the gallery at the website soon).

Back to reality for now though and the October kits! Here are two hints:

I am so excited about a new dimension to the JBS kits. I have been working for almost two months now with some very interesting and talented ladies who sell their wares on Etsy. I am always looking for ways to bring something unique to the kits and being able to support fellow artists is icing on the cake! Each month I include an Etsy item it will be unique to the kit and handmade by the artist - either a completely custom product, or custom color (as in this case). I will give you the details of the shop when the kit goes live (including the incredible shop of this artist who hand printed each of these "re-made" label sets - hint, hint)!! So. . . this gives you an insight into the color scheme of this month's kit and you get this great label sheet!

And here is a little hint to one of the new Vintage kits coming this month. I am getting ready to go in and put it together now. The Dennison labels are VERY old and were very pricey (I only have one of each). So. . .these will be reproduction photo copies in the kit (I don't think I can work them all in - we shall see). The crepe paper will be the real thing- black and orange, as well as the great vintage flower finding! Can you see the orange German glass glitter too??

Time to play- more hints on Friday!!

P.S. - have you noticed that I am always "so excited"???? Ha!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Tuesday

I'm still knee deep in re-decorating. I have had piles of "finds" in the garage for weeks and I'm finally trying to get things worked into the house piece by piece. Here is a quick shot of my sofa table in my family room. I got these lamps from Scarlet awhile back. I have a thing for architectural pieces so I had to have these lamps. I also picked up the old sign from her - Jared loves this especially since we are obviously Jewish - ha! I look at it all of the time and wonder what type of business Mr. Lowenstein might have had?? The artichokes came from Z Gallery and the vase is an extra large "finger" vase from the 40's I believe. Anyhow, this is how it will stay until I feel the need to change it again! I am still working on my office - slowly but surely.

I will have some teasers of the upcoming kit next week and I hope to have Michelle's gallery up tomorrow. As soon as I get everything from her I will get it loaded.

**Edited** - so sorry! I forget to add the link for Scarlett's website. I have posted about it a couple of times. I am addicted to her store. She owns a marvelous shop in downtown Franklin. She specializes in architectural pieces, old mirrors and ironstone (just the tip of the iceberg)! Here is the site:

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Guest Gallery and Restocks
In case you haven't noticed, the Guest Gallery is still not updated (you will see Michelle Hill's photo, but last September's projects). I will get this updated shortly - we had to make a last minute change and flip flop Oct. and Sept. designers as a kit got held up in customs).
Also, restocked tonight: Double Sided Name/Date Stamp, Bracket Stamp, Butterfly Chipboard, Sun Frame Chipboard, Bling Embellishment Tin and Vintage Bird Book Necklace Kit (just a few more as I found more cards).
Have a great weekend!
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Recent Progress. . .

I am slowly (the key word is slowly) making changes to my studio. Moving things in, moving things out and finishing projects that have literally been staring at me for months! This chair is one of those.

I found it at a local antique mall a while back and fell in love with the woodwork (it is of Eastlake style). It was missing the seat and back and the legs appeared to have been cut down. I scooped it up as I knew I could do something cool with it - eventually! My father- in -law made me a new seat out of plywood that I covered with ledger paper. I am still trying to decide on the perfect trim for the edging (I'm leaning towards small mother of pearl buttons). Since it was a little short I thought I could use it as a shelf on this table to hold all of my old books. After much thought on what to do with the back, I decided to make it a cork board. I fell in love with Rebecca's idea (here) and thought it may work well for this. I covered my cork with an old feedsack and started pinning some of my millinery flowers to it (and will continue to fill it in with some of my large buttons as well). I had so much fun I went into the attic and pulled out some of my old frames and made some more (thanks for the help and inspiration Rebecca)!

So. . . as I finish up I will post more photos (I have had to put it on the back burner again to get the gallery stuff done and some other projects). Never enough time in the day. . .

Hope you all had a great weekend!

(Oh- in regards to a few of the comments about the Papercrafting Kits being sold out, they are not in case you haven't figured that out. I believe the site was jammed for the first couple of hours and kicked people off, etc. If you are still having problems just send us a note)!

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