Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Products!! - Midnight tonight, central time zone
Tonight at midnight the new kits for April will be for sale as well as the following items found in the JBS exclusive product area:
Black Line Paper Packs
Red and Black Line Mini Paper Packs
Red and Black Die Cut Label Paper
Scroll Label Rubber Stamp (from the March Kit)
Black Journaling Cards
Journaling Stars Printed Tickets
Who, Where, When Printed Tickets
Red, Black, Blue and Pink Label Stickers (FYI that the red label stickers are in this month's kit and the pink label stickers will be in next month's kit)
Remember to choose the combine option at checkout if you are currently a member and would like for your cart items to ship with you monthly kit(s). You have this option every month until the 5th.
Also remember that the Add-On kit is shown under "Limited Edition Kits". This month it includes the sweetest German Scrap children, more than 50 years old! Here is a photo:
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's a long one. . .

but it should be after almost 2 weeks, right?

We had a great time at Disney. It was not a planned vacation really. Just decided to go a couple of weeks earlier. I HAD to get away and spend some time with the boys one on one. From a business perspective I had no business doing this right now. From the "mom" perspective, I couldn't not. They have been so neglected - by both of us really. So, I spent 6 days taking Dramine and walking until my feet and legs ached (with a half million other people always on your trail)! It was crowded, but it was honestly manageable. I bought these shirts at Target for them the day we left in preparation for the Magic Kingdom:

We headed right for Pirates of the Caribbean when we got there to see Jack Sparrow. I can't believe how realistic it was -so amazing. The boys rode everything they were able to ride. Christian got on Space Mountain (barely made it in) and put his hands up right away - I couldn't believe it. Here we are afterwards:

This was his expression the entire trip -every picture.

After this, they were ready to tackle Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (our favorite Disney park)! They just opened this last year and it is very, very cool. An amazing end- but I will leave that surprise to those who will be going soon! Christian rode it 4 times, Noah 6. He even stood in line and rode by himself one of those times. He is officially hooked on Roller Coasters. He did his first "upside down" one at MGM Studios with the Rock and Roller Coaster. And he rode Tower of Terror twice. Unbelievable for the kid who yelled "go bye bye" everyday we entered the parks on his first trip 5 years ago!

For those who stuck it through my boring vacation play-by-play, here is a little preview. A little birdie told me JBS is introducing felt shapes and these are the 3 you will be getting in the March Kit! Ready for stiching and sequins (or whatever else the creative mind will come up with for embellishment)!

(for my stores reading this, you be getting the information on the felt, rub-ons and scalloped notecards in the next week to 10 days. If you still have not signed up for wholesale information please do so using the "retailer" link at the website. We will be launching the wholesale site in about a week)!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Way too long. . .
So sorry for the long hiatus. I had a weekend teaching event in Birmingham the 15th - 17th (thanks Scrap Etc. - it was a WONDERFUL event!) and came home just in time to board a plane for Disneyworld!
I have updates and yes, sneak peaks for you. It will be tomorrow or Thursday for sure. I am so far behind and just trying to play catch up now!
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Substitution Kits. . .

will go back on sale at 4:00 this afternoon (central time). I have quite a few again so I don't expect them to sell out right away. This is the best I can do with my timing here as I am headed to Scrap Etc. for the event there this evening (looking forward to seeing all of you)!
PLEASE NOTE (and this will be shown when you purchase) - if your order includes the substitution kit, we will not begin shipping these until Tuesday, March 27th. The rubber stamps are due in by the end of next week and we are unable to ship until then. I just want to make sure anyone that purchases this is aware of that. Again, it will also be posted in the product description at the site.
I am going crazy- decided that is just how life is going to be for a little while. Looking forward to a calm down soon!!!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Substitution Kits (!) and other news. . .
My sweet friends at Stampotique are able to get me a few more stamps, so I am going to put the substitution kits back up for sale in a couple of days. I will let you know the exact day and time here. Another reason to be a blog reader!
Some of the star tickets will be included in the April kit tin for those that wondered. They will also be for sale at the site sometime in April and available at a store near you hopefully!
The March Gallery will be live by tomorrow evening. Here is something to tide you over. I photographed it a little crooked but you get the idea:
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Check these out!!

Aren't they cute?? Something that has been in my head for a long time. They come in 2 styles, 3 colors each. They will be bundled together, 6 of each color (18 total tickets) per style.

The two styles are "Journaling Stars" and "Who, Where, When":

The wholesale newsletter will go out by the end of the weekend for those that signed up on the Retailers link at the site. We do not officially "launch" until April, but we are going to go ahead and offer the bulk of the line at this time!

I have some more fun things to tease soon, including felt shapes and rub-ons!!

So, so busy- I know I don't pop in here very often. I am really hoping for some more time soon! (Oh- and here is some more booty from a week or so ago. I am sitting on the barkcloth pillow now and I must say it is quite comfy)!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lightbulb moment. . . !
Hubby and I put our heads together and came up with an idea!! Tomorrow at 11:00am, (central time zone) I will put a substitution kit for sale under "Limited Edition Kits". This will basically include all of the JBS exclusive products - 12 x 12's, minis, die cut label cardstock, label stickers, star chipboard frame, journaling cards and the rubber stamp. I will even throw in a little sprinkle of the blue butterfly sequins. This kit will be $18.50 and it will only be available this way for this month (or until they are sold out, but I will have quite a few). The pieces will not be offered individually until next month.
So, if you are interested or know someone who might be you can let them know!
I'm hoping to get a decent photo of it to post in the morning. We are under tornado warnings at the moment - no sun all day!
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Sorry to disappoint. . .
I wish I could tell you that the whole inventory thing is an exact science, but it never seems to work out that way! I'm so sorry we sold out so fast and disappointed some of you. I do have a suggestion though!!
Most of the product from this kit, more than half, was exclusive JBS product. The pattern paper, tiny papers, label stickers, die cut label cardstock, journaling cards and the rubber stamp - these are all things that will be available for individual sale. So, the good news is, you can purchase the majority of the kit that way!! We normally do not put the new product up until the 1st of the following month, but I will try to get all of these things on the site individually in the next 2 weeks or so - a little early at least. I am still waiting on my full shipments of some things. And, if you wanted to add a little to this, you could always purchase the Add-On kit now, knowing that you are interested in purchasing these items? Just a thought. . .
Many of you are asking me about the hangers for the Project Kit - I will post a source here on the blog for you in the next couple of days, okay?
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