Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Project Kit
I promised the chatters at Scrap -a -Faire that I would post a peak at this month's Project Kit. Here you go! 5 x7 collages that clip right onto these sweet hangers (I can see these all over my house)!

Available beginning tonight after midnight!

Just a couple quick reminders - if you aren't sure if you have a membership or not for either kit, please check your account before purchasing an additional membership. If you signed up using the reservation link this month, you are all set to be automatically billed on the 6th (and the month's thereafter) for the Papercrafting Kit.

Also - combined shipping for members is only available the 1st through the 5th by checking the box at checkout. You pay full shipping up front and then pay little or no shipping when your membership is billed.

And - the add on kit each month can be viewed under the "Limited Edition Kit" section under "shop".

And - (you thought I was done!), the Red Journaling Cards will be restocked tonight (and the rubber stamps will be back in stock very soon)!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Short but very sweet. . .
So I know I have been absent for a while (has it really been a week?) but I have tons of stuff up my sleeve. . .
Here is a quick preview of March. The next set of JBS papers!

And did I mention that there is also a new Journaling Card set to match, a new die cut cardstock weight paper shaped like a label, the sweetest 4 x4 papers AND new label stickers??? All new from JBS. . . (not to mention the new stamp shown in the last post). Mix this with new Luxe designs rub-ons, some Heidi Swapp goodies and the sweetest butterfly sequins in the palest of blues and you have the March Papercrafting Kit!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Check out my booty!!!

I feel like all I have done is work lately, morning until night. Not that I am complaining, but my "soul" really needed some inspiration. I ran out a little each day, Wednesday and Thursday and came up with these goodies, mostly from Scarlett Scales. The bust is a male, yes I know. I decided he is going to just have to get in touch with his feminine side. I plan to make collage necklaces and hang them on him (and of course, a star). I need to come up with a name for him- any suggestions? Maybe it could be a contest, hmmm. . .

The plates are for my dining room. The butterflies are old candy molds (I love these- wish I picked up the rest) and the big pin is holding old steel cut buckles, most likely from shoes.

And while I can't share these things with you, here is something I can:

The new JBS stamp for the March kit - it made my heart jump when I opened the box. So many ideas for how to use this one. Can't wait to play!!

I am HOPING to get my studio cleaned up and rearranged tomorrow (to get these new goodies in). I found a new piece I want to work in as well - keep trying to convince hubby this is part of the creative process for me! I will take some photos if I ever finish!!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Jan. PCK's, New Class Packs and Sale!

I have a few little bits of info for everyone that may be of interest so read on!

If you missed the Jan Papercrafting Kit and were bummed about it, you may still have a chance to get one. Melissa (my great paper packer!) found 8 kits from Jan. when she was packing things up for Feb. They are missing the gold foil trim, but otherwise, they are complete. If you would like one, they are $26 (factoring in the missing trim). You must send a note to Ruth at and we can bill your account. First come first serve (so blog readers will benefit)!

If you are a teacher or store owner who would be interested in coordinated materials (in sets of 25 usually) to use for classes or crops, please send a note to Ruth as well with your contact info. Many times I end up with overages of certain products for various reasons and have decided to group these items into "class packs" that teachers could easily develop a class around. They will be sold a little below wholesale so it is a great deal for those who can't normally purchase this way for their classes. I will send out an e-mail to those on this list when I get them together, with photos, and they will be sold first come first serve as well.

Also- don't forget our sale on past kits! I am down to 1 - 7 kits left on 4 of the months, so if you were thinking about this, you may want to grab them up before they are gone! The sale ends when they are gone, or the last day of the month, whichever comes first!

And finally, we have enhanced the "Share" area of the site. You can now search by month! This will give you the opportunity to see all of the layouts that apply to any given month's kit. You will now be prompted at upload to submit that info. AND. . . you can now see the username when you view the layouts (most recent, etc.) and it will take you to that person's gallery directly to see more. We will continue to enhance this area as we grow!

Oh- and the February gallery is live. Emily's stuff is amazing! Here was my favorite. . .

P.S. - for those of you who have Sonic in your area, you must try the Sweetheart blast! It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry - just divine!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Pour a cup of coffee. . .

this is a long one! So much to talk about. "Blog" has been on my "to do" list for a couple of days now. I finally got my photos downloaded and my thoughts together (and a moment when something else wasn't needing my attention)!

CHA was so much fun. I truly LOVE it. The shows are the only time of the year I get to see so many of my friends so it is always one big reunion! I think what I loved the most this time around was getting to meet some of our members. People are always surprised that I recognize their names. I really have been involved in the day to day operation of everything since the beginning. Some of you have made it through the entire year with us!

Saturday night I taught at the Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine for Wendy and Karen. I LOVE this place- I'm not sure if I have ever taught a better group of women (it's why I keep coming back)! I was even able to meet some of my friends from Singapore and Japan. Very, very fun night! Here is a little photo Wendy took after the class (kind of a tradition for the husbands and wives who come to visit)!

Show was so inspiring! I think this was the best as far as new product goes in a while. Some of my favorites? Anna Griffin paper (the summer line had papers that screamed beach- they also have some great new accessories), Scenic Route (I told them to just send me a case of the new background papers), Melissa Frances (a very sweet new glitter chipboard color), Fontwerks (besides the stamps of course, great new journaling cards), Autumn Leaves (Foofala had papers like Vintage wallpaper), Luxe Designs (Pam Lambie is so talented. Picked up one of the rub-ons for the March kit), Li'l Davis (loved the extensions to the plain chipboard line) and of course 7gypsies and Heidi Swapp. I did the most damage in both of these booths! Here is a photo of the mirrored wall at HS:

This was done with the new masks. I picked one up for the March Add-On kit (as well as the rest of the booth I think)! And here are some photos from 7gypsies. I asked Donna if I could take this mannequin with me: (Okay, I have tried 10 times to upload this photo and more below and it is just not happening tonight. I will try again in the next post).

I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Monique from Scrap Etc. in Alabama. I am SO excited to be a part of this event. It is March 15th - 18th in Birmingham. Monique has such a cool vision for the event - one of those where you are so inspired that you can't sleep at night. You can sign up here and find out more information. My local girls went last year and loved it (had NO complaints which is a great accomplishment for a first year event)! Listening to Stacy Julian speak is worth the money right there! I will continue to post updates about it here.

I am working on a ton of "surprises"! I will share the next round of JBS papers with you next week - they will be the base of the March kit.

Have a great night!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

So sorry. . .

we sold out so fast on the Papercrafting Kit! HOWEVER, if you missed it and would like to start a membership with March (and also possibly still get this month's kit) please send a note to and Ruth will let you know how to get set up. We always have a few more kits that become available after billing, so she will let the people on this list know first if we do indeed have more Feb. kits.

Still promise to post about CHA. I actually took my camera this time (what a novel idea). I just need to find a moment to download the photos onto the computer. I need one more day to catch up! If you knew of all of the new products I had in store you would forgive me for it surely!!!
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